Opinion: Sir, the boys on the streets are not smiling | Open letter to Mr. President

by Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

Sir, I am writing based on the present issue affecting our dear nation, Nigeria. As a student of History and Social Studies, I believe my opinion sir, will be of help to your administration.

I titled this piece, “Stop Blaming The Dead”. And this is as a result of a comment credited to you on the just concluded muslim festival sir.

Briefly, your excellency, I’ll like to bring back to your notice the situation of Nigeria before you came in. We were made to understand that there was massive corruption in the land under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR), and that there was need for us to vote him out.

But this I must say, though, there was corruption, yet the masses had food to eat and the cost of things weren’t that high comparing to what’s going on now in the nation.

Part of your campaign promises includes stable economy within few months of your ascension. It took you six months sir, before you could provide Ministers, this, we believed was for our good. But, reverse is what we’re seeing now.

I won’t comment that much on Boko Haram issue, we could see with our eyes. I’ll give you kudos on that, but, that isn’t enough. Equip the soldiers the more both in kind and cash. However, on our Sport life, Mr. President, the honorable Minister of Sports don’t deserve that office. If I have no evidence to back this up, his ill manner attitude exhibited during the just concluded Olympics in Rio is nothing but a national shame. Thanks to those players, Obi John Mikel and Coach Samson Siasia, and the kind hearted Japanese guy that gave money.

Sir, the boys on the streets are not smiling at all. You and your party, All Progressive Congress promised Nigerians heaven on earth. You were smiling making those solace promises and you paraded yourself with your party as the needed and expected messiah! You made the women believed their tears were over. We saw all the campaigns, we watched all the political gimmicks been displayed both at home and abroad.

Your excellency, a year is past in the office, practically, nothing is working. There’s hunger, starvation, tears, sorrows, fears, worries, stealing and robbery at high rate now. I agree all these happened before, but not in this gross rate! This is alarming!

Your administration is only making us to remember the song of the Abami Eda himself, Late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, “they bring sorrows, tears and blood… Their regular trade mark”.

Sir, uneasy will surly lies the head that wears the crown ! Part of your words is that “a President should be responsible for everything happening in the country”. On your words, we’ll hold you.

I charge you to act fast. Wipe these tears away. I understand you’re a mortal, yet, you are capable of doing it. You only need to look beyond your political party. There are men in this land that can help take the tears away.

Sir, your blame game will not help solve matters. Neither the game being played by your political party will resolve issues. Sir, I expect you to stop blaming the former Presidents of the nation. There’s hardly any day you don’t shift blame on President Jonathan. The recent one is the name of late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua that you mentioned. Sir, you said you didn’t inherit anything from OBJ, Yar’Adua and GEJ. We have our history books with us. We can see and read sir.

I want to plead with you, to stop this blaming game. Go back to your drawing board, search for able brains. And act fast.

Lastly your excellency, I’ll like you address the issue of religious intolerance happening in the north. Raise a standard against the sick acts of the Fulani herdsmen and objectively, attend to Biafra and Niger Delta issues.

Though, it’s not easy, yet, you can be the best President ever in our land, only if you’ll act right, and fast.

May the Lord help you.

Long live Mr. President.

God bless Nigeria.

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