Opinion: Buhari’s 100 days in London- A show of shame

by Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

Fellow Nigerians,
Today makes it exactly one hundred and two days that President Buhari has left his duty post (Nigeria) for a picture motion ground in London.

Let me quickly say this, I have never believed in President Buhari, and I will never put my political trust neither in him or his co-APC dogs. Like I do say, they have nothing good to offer this nation rather than tears and starvation.

I agree that Nigeria was not really fine under my friend Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, however, it will be evil spoken of to say that Buhari’s Nigeria is finer now than then.

Permit me to roll out some words to you from the so called lovers of this wonderful nation.

Babatunde Raji Fashola once said that “any government that cannot fix electricity within six months should be voted out”. Dear citizens, he had not been the Minister of Power then. Today, he has stayed in that office for almost two years, but what is the state of our electricity now compare to pre-APC era?

The President himself once said that “Yar’Adua should be declared incapacitated and his impeachment process should be activated” because of his health. Buhari said this in 2010. In fact, President Buhari was amongst the dubious and fake comrades that walked in our streets demanding that Yar’Adua should be impeached.

Again, prior to his enthronement, President Buhari condemned Jonathan’s administration as regards some officials travelling abroad on health issues. In fact, he opined that money should be spent on our health system and that our hospitals should be highly used by Nigerians.

My dear reader, President Buhari was the first man to swallowed his vomit as he was flown to London on health matter. The most annoying part about his first missionary journey to London hospital was that the ailments could be treated in Nigeria here. In fact, health experts in the country condemned his move, but all Buhari could say is that it’s better to go to where your doctors are. Bet he has forgotten that we are the ones who will foot the bills.

Let me fast forward a bit, it is not a news that Mr President has made London our new Federal Capital Territory. He has been there for a hundred days and counting. No one knows when he will come back home. I guess his coming will not be like a thief in the night.

Nigerians do not know the health status of their President. When we ask, APC government will abuse us, hunt us, attack us and possibly arrest us and detain us. But, we shall never be intimidated.

I am part of the #ResumeOrResign movement and we’re doing that for a hundred days. I appreciate my brother Comrade Adeyanju Adedeji of Concerned Nigerians and of course, the Area Father himself who was tear gassed by police and later attacked yesterday at Wuse market in Abuja because he wants to know the health status of his President.

President Buhari is in London hale and hearty according to the Vice President of Nigeria. If he’s actually hale and hearty, what is he now doing in London for hundred days?

Lai Mohammed says we shouldn’t be unfortunate that the President is well. But he lacks the brain that no reasonable President will stay a month in another country and be taking pictures and receiving visitors.

When shall this shame be over? Buhari is a mistake to be our President. Aside, his health and age, he has never been a Democrat and he won’t be. He came to power to hunt his enemies but his dreams are working against him now.

Do you all remember him saying that if he doesn’t win a particular election that blood will flow? Do you remember him saying that baboons will be soaked with blood? When he lost 2011 election, what did his boys do to our Corpers in the North? Who bewitched those fifteen million electorates to voted him into power?

Look at the mess we have found ourselves in, now. President Buhari stays in London (spending our money) snapping pictures, entertaining visitors and he’s glad sending those pictures home to us!

Is it not shameful that Mr Femi Adesina (one of his aids) says that he doesn’t know who pays for his health? And Lauretta (another aid) says that Mr President is a private citizen? My JSS 1 student will never say that our president is a private citizen, not to talk of a presidential aide who we all assume has political intelligence.

As it stands now, the presidential jet has been parked outside the London hospital for days too, and it’s the tax payers money that is being used to finance it. If Mr President cannot continue in office, he should simply resign and save us from this show of shame.

I will like to draw my conclusion here. Mr President isn’t interested in resigning because he doesn’t want the power to go to the West just like that. He wants to recontest come 2019. Again, our Acting President is not actually our Acting President. He’s being handicapped by some powerful forces from the North. Mr President will need to do the normal thing either by resuming or resigning that this show of shame could be over.

My desire for Mr President is either he #ResumesOrResigns

God bless Nigeria.
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