Opinion: El Rufai’s insult and hatred for Southern Kaduna

by Nasiru Jagaba

It is now very obvious to the blind, and loud even to the deaf, and even those who refused to recognise El-Rufai’s deep-rooted hatred
and fanatical desire to extinct the peace-loving people of Southern Kaduna, that he is a man on a genocidal mission. One thing you cannot
take away from our dear accidental governor is his courage to openly show his disdain for the same people he swore to protect and meet
their welfare need. The interview he granted Channels TV on the programme called “Hard copy” on 21st April 2017, is a typical
example of the unrepentant dictator and tenant of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. This is a man that can be aptly described as everything
anti-democracy; he is power-drunk, self-centered, dictatorial, vindictive, delusionary, arrogant, a bigot and racist.

This is not the first time that El-Rufai (and we know it won’t be the last) will be verbally attacking the Southern Kaduna nation.
Unfortunately, we have a governor who runs his mouth as if he is in a beer parlour dishing out statements in the media without verifiable
facts to back his bias-filled comments. At a point, he ignorantly or rather mischievously attempted to sell a wrong narrative, during
KADINVEST last year that Kaduna is seventy percent (70%) Muslim and thirty per cent (30) Christian without any verifiable fact to back it.
I wonder why any foreign investor will want to invest in a state where the Chief Executive is at the forefront of instigating division by
making unguarded provocative statements.

Again, in total disregard of the oath he swore to be fair and just, he has become that town-crier of the terrorist herdsmen, who has on
every occasion struggled to defend the genocidal activities in Southern Kaduna. No wonder the terrorists continue to operate as if
they have state-backing; they come into our lands with impunity to kill, destroy, rape and steal; with the assurance that their Chief
Executive spokesman will come to justify, defend and shift blame for the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna.

If he is not part of the conspiracy, why will a governor, who is supposed to be neutral, come up on media and shamelessly justify the
killings as reprisal attacks, and go ahead to compensate the deadly attackers. Let’s assume it is true, is there anywhere in our law that
supports reprisal attacks or jungle justice. He came on Channels TV as the mouthpiece of the terrorist group to point accusing fingers at
Christian religious leaders and politicians as taking advantage of the genocide to gain financial and political capital. For God’s sake, what is wrong with this man?

Does he expect the elites in Southern Kaduna to keep mute, while a seemingly state-supported genocide is on-going when up till date no serious attempt has been made to dislodge the terrorists from their known camps or block the routes they penetrate to cause harm and pain to our people? As far as we are concerned, the governor is committing crimes against humanity and should be prosecuted at the ICC in the Hague, if not now, after his fast ending propaganda-filled tenure.

The recent in his series of calculated and provocative verbal attacks on Southern Kaduna is on our umbrella body “Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU)” on Channels TV.  He called them a group of bigots that he doesn’t recognise them, and he will never meet with them. He further stated that SOKAPU is part of the problem and he is watching them carefully. First of all, the governor should by now realise that his recognition or otherwise means nothing to us, as long as the Constitution of Nigeria gives us the right to assemble peacefully. He
should not forget that his stay in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House is transient, he has barely two years before he packs out in shame to
become a private citizen with a legacy of terror.

In referring to SOKAPU as bigots, what you actually mean is that it is the Southern Kaduna people as a group that are bigots because it is the people of Southern Kaduna that make up SOKAPU. The people of Southern Kaduna unanimously agreed, by their constitutional right to association, and mandated the Union to speak on their behalf. This is because at all times we cannot rely on some of our political
representatives, who people like the governor can intimidate and pocket in total disregard of the wishes of the people they represent.
You’ve also bridled the tongues of some of our representatives with pennies and undue privileges and you are expecting them to speak for

An insult to SOKAPU is an insult to the entire people of Southern Kaduna.  Sir, assuming you still deserve the title, the union, SOKAPU
was established in 1964 by Southern Kaduna students in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; when you could hardly differentiate your left from your right. Up till this day the Union has remained the umbrella body that unites and speaks for the structurally subjugated indigenes of Southern Kaduna, and if you’re not comfortable with that you should arrogantly go and climb KAGORO hill and fall, we don’t care. Contrary
to your twisted narrative that SOKAPU is part of the problem; we want to say that the main reason why the Southern Kaduna killings are yet
to stop, is YOU.

Even though, you said you do not recognise SOKAPU and have nothing to do with them, it has been very obvious you have a lot to do with Miyetti Allah and ZEMDA. Even when Haruna Usman, the Chairman of MIYETTI ALLAH, came out publicly making inciting and incriminating statements, you did not see him as a problem. This is because you have abandoned your responsibility of being a Governor to all and have taken sides with the armed herdsmen by blaming and criminalising Southern Kaduna, who are the victims, as the cause of this state-supported genocide.

You also said that SOKAPU is the problem and you will never meet with them. In case you care to know and reflect, the main character fanning the embers of ethnoreligious divide in Kaduna State are your reckless statements, which encourages the unrelenting and unprovoked attacks on innocent and defenceless peasant communities of Southern Kaduna. This further unveils your ineptitude and incapability as a leader that can manage the diversity of Kaduna State. This questions our educational system that gives people degrees on the basis of only academic excellence and forgets to build the character traits of the students. That is why we have a governor who is intellectually endowed but lacks the character to manage and be sensitive to diversity.

This is evident even in your political party, you are fighting the party structure that brought you to power. You are presently fighting
the three senators in your state, fighting a particular religion, even the revered traditional institutions, fighting the National assembly, fighting the presidency and even fighting your new surrogate father, President Buhari. Whose popularity you rode on to get to your seat and also been using your influence on him to become a fish bone in everybody’s neck.

Even those who are at peace with you today will soon be your enemies, I wonder if really you’re made to be a citizen of this planet Earth. I think it is high time people who desire public offices should be psychologically evaluated and tested to be sure they have no history
of substance abuse or mental disorder. You can’t win the war sorry-looking Lilliputian even if your placenta is buried in a Tramol
factory. You have to learn from your mentor, Adolf Hitler, he was defeated in the Second World War because of fighting too many war
fronts at the same time.

It is no longer shocking for some who know you as one who has been living a life of false pretence, it is no longer shocking to those of
us who listened to hear you every day eloquently spewing the waste of resentment with extension of religious bias and at the same breath
telling Nigerians that you are not a bigot. Who are you fooling? Your tricks and two-facedness is no longer a new thing, Atiku,
Obasanjo and even president Buhari are living testimonies of your duplicity and hypocrisy. Sir, I will want to remind you of your
meeting with SOKAPU prior to your election as the emperor of Kadunastate pleading for their support. Also, I want to remind you of the
invented and illusive tears you poured on the grave of late Sir Patrick Yakowa just to deceive and rob our votes.  Don’t forget the
law of Karma, it is coming for you.

I believe one of the reasons you do not like SOKAPU is because you want Southern Kaduna quietly annihilated unnoticed; and SOKAPU has
been pressing on your conscience by not giving you the chance to materialise your evil plan. You wouldn’t like SOKAPU because they gave
voice to the victims of your terror and maladroitness.  I know you will not like SOKAPU because they hurriedly understood your deceits,
treacheries, and manipulations in tiling your ways, and they refuse fall chip to the use of State apparatus to slur, denigrate, terrorise,
arrest and put in prison all voices of reason from Southern Kaduna who dare challenge your dictatorial maladministration.

On the day that the vice president visited Kaduna state in respect to southern Kaduna killings; unpleasantly, you arrogantly spoke to
Southern Kaduna religious and traditional leaders like infants. That they are fortunate to enter the Government house because of the Vice
president’s visit but before then you’ve sworn that none of them will enter the Government house, as though it were your father’s house. I
assure you, Mr Emperor, very soon the Southern Kaduna that you “hate” and disrespect will be the ones to kick you out of Sir Kashim Ibrahim
house with blows from their votes, leaving you vulnerable and stripped from the immunity that makes you feel invincible.

Your Emperor, you must know this, SOKAPU is the new train and we are all on board, tell your Deputy and Mallam Mugu to better come on board before the fury rain of fire catch up with them in Gomorrah because there is no other train or station to board.

Op–ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija

Nasiru Jagaba,
National Youth Leader,
Southern Kaduna People’s Union

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