Opinion: How to know if you will be rich

by Olatomilade Folaranmi

Almost everybody I know wants money but how much money is enough varies with individual.

Sociologists have studied the behaviors of man for many years but every day a challenge arises to be resolved. Almost everybody I know wants money but how much money is enough varies with individual. Without money it is impossible to live not to talk of enjoy life. A writer once said that, money will not make you happy rather it works as the oil that smoothens your journey through life. Whether you agree or not , the fact remains that money is essential.

Wealth to me is relative to where you live. The richest in the community is the wealthiest. To another person, wealth could be the satisfaction of his/her mind. This article is not about making money or how to gain wealth. It is aimed at making you realise where you fall on the indigent-extremely wealthy queue. Generally there are two types of people, those who are oblivious to money and those who care about money. If the title of this article attracted your attention, we are buddies! You belong to the category from which rich people come from.

Before I go deep, may I tell you that location has little to zero effect on whether you will be rich or not. I have not been to or heard or a community where everyone is wretched. Someone usually has the highest amount of money or property. It is about that time you stopped blaming your state on the environment your are. Look around you, there are people with nice rides and houses.

There are people who get rich from doing what they love. These people are usually talented in what they started out doing for its fun. An example is David Beckham who started playing football as a kid. Football was and still is a game to him, something he started because he enjoyed it. He didn’t know, when he started that he would become a millionaire from playing football. Musicians will tell you that when they play their instruments, they just have fun with it. If you fall into this group then my word to you is “have fun”. There are other set is those who work their asses towards wealth. When Warren Buffett started trading stocks and investing, I am sure it wasn’t because he liked cracking his head with calculations and his heart with the tension risk brings. If there was a machine to check his heart I am pretty sure that all you would see are his thoughts about how to make more money. I myself belong  to this category. I am prepared to work my butt off till I become rich.

If you do not belong to the group of the extremely talented ones who stumble into wealth doing what they love, you can still be wealthy. Yes! And they way to your abundance is business. Come to think of it, how many head teachers ride Range? No? I thought so. Here is what this article is about. How  do you know if you will be rich in whatsoever business you decide to do.

Do you care about money and how much of it you want to have?

Surprised? Don’t be. Before you start out on any journey it is only wise to know where you are going. Rich people have always thought about money and they continue to do even after the money has come. You need to know that you are not oblivious to money. It increases the odds of you becoming rich. If you don’t care then the tasks ahead will look impossible. People who think and care about money are driven from within.

Do you have a plan?

Do you have your plan figured out? Ask yourself how you want to go about it. What do you plan to exchange for wealth? For some guys, it could be a service, for others it could be goods. How do you plan to start? Is your plan feasible? Sometimes back, a guy set out to make his first million. So, he created a website with a million pixels. He sold a pixel for $1 and every buyer needed at least 400 pixels for their adverts to be visible. The last time I checked the pixels were all sold out. Brillant? Yes, i thought so. He had a plan and he followed through. Do you have one?

How early are you?

Your first million may come at any age but we all know that “the earlier the better”. There was this advert I saw sometimes back, it says, “a millionaire at 27 is two years late”. The wealthy people I have studied started making money at an early age. The popular Beyonce started charging her house guests for performance when she was 5 years old. The CEO of FACEBOOK started his programming business immediately after high school, now he is a billionaire.

On the scale of 1-10 I am sure you know, within you, where you fall. I am not saying that if you care about money, have a plan, start early or work your butt off you will be wealthy. I’am saying your chances are high. Money makes it easy to express love. Mediate on this…


Olatomilade Folaranmi writes from Ilorin.


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