Opinion: The universe is like a radio; here’s what it is saying about God

by Israel Raphael

Have you ever looked at a situation so chaotic and somehow you saw some order or pattern?

Have you ever considered a confusing matter and in a moment, gained insight?

Have you ever suddenly known something and then pondered within yourself in wonder because there was no way you could know that thing.

In that moment of insight and clarity, what was it you encountered?

Was it Enlightenment? Inspiration?

Now, did you ever wonder its true source?

A Time Before X-Men

If we learn anything from movies, it is that they’re depictions of an existence,
a representation of a principle already in operation;
a tool for creation of culture.

A voice, gradually making you form a conviction. Then a principle. Then a culture.

You see wars and strife, in truth you should see the illustration of pride, the first sin.

You see an experiment in science, in truth you should see man weakly imitating the creation process.

Stem cell science didn’t begin with man, for a being most supreme and eternal had taken a rib from a human to form another human.

And even if you don’t believe the creation account, does it not intrigue you that there is an ancient script over 3,000 years old very clearly demonstrating what we now call stem cell science?

You see marriage between a man and a woman, but a voice is vividly illustrating a selfless merging of beings, the purest form of the mystical union forged beyond this space.

So what voice do we see?

Man until he is brought to the highest, purest energy state will only see by his outer eyes.

He will be limited by form but true substance will be fettered, denied.

He will breed a good looking nymph which will swiftly become a ravaging locust of the vilest tribe.

But the perfect law of liberty creates multiple layers of protection and help. Such true strength does simplicity entice.

A superior civilization is always built
and sustained by a superior doctrine.

The Case of Sex

Abstinence was once a culture. Built on a superior doctrine of self-control.

Now “safe sex” is a more prevalent culture.

Simply because someone thought “hey, how can people have sex indiscriminately with anybody they fancy without feeling unsafe from the dangerous outcomes of the lack of self-control?”

And in case you want to argue, a five year study done in Africa and Asia showed that 78.6% women reported that they did not use a condom because they trust their sexual partners and vice versa (and of that number over 56% were married) The results in similar groups for US and UK showed similar results.

Clearly, if (and big if) the condom was invented to prevent pregnancies, that’s certainly not how people are interpreting it.

X-Men Origins

But is my point movies? No.

Is it sex? No.

What is it really?

It is that we have ignored the true voice.

We have forsaken the fountain of living waters and have dug for ourselves poisoned wells that even worse, hold no water.

Turn on your TV and click any news channel and you will see the anxious longing of the creation waiting eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

There is a hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption and come into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

but “the freedom of the glory of the children of God”…hangs in the balance.

The gods, even the children of the most High God have a problem: Rebellion and ignorance. And like the chicken and the egg, one often wonders which comes first.

They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: as a result, all the foundations of the earth are out of course. Ps82 vers 5 (KJV)

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Ps 19 verse 2

The works were not made to glorify the works.

True the universe does speak, but that speech is intended only to glorify its creator. Like an invention, it says “hey look how totally awesome my maker is!”

And if you should hear its voice, you must yourself give the glory to the Truth who speaks from within what is seen.

Why then do we say in supplication, “the universe will support you?”

Why then do we cry in hope of justification, “the universe is on my side!”

Why then do we make for anecdote, “the universe never forgets”

We say these things as if a helpless universe has suddenly morphed into a supreme being who can gauge actions and reward men.

Why do we not give the glory to God?

Is it that we truly despise the source of our strength?
Or our business contemporaries are too posh for us to use the words “The Lord” or “God” to their hearing?
Or the Ancient of Days has an image problem so we need to help him update his ‘about me’ page?

No we are deceived,
We allow ourselves be subject to a stranger’s voice

Because we believe lies,
The stranger’s voice who once blatantly erased “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and inserted “you shall not eat of every tree?” has rebranded in our day, leading many away from “Abba Father” and “The Lord helped me”, to “the universe remembered me”

The universe is like a radio

It says what the broadcaster wants you to hear.

The broadcaster says what someone else wants him to say.

And at the top of that hierarchy is someone who invented radio waves, giving the powerful medium of communication…or the generator technician who can make things really tough for broadcasting as we’ve seen with NTA.

Even further beyond is the Source of Intelligence from whence the inventor got the idea.

So when you say “the universe will support you” you’re wishing someone to be influenced by a thing as easily corrupted as a radio broadcast.

It is not to your advantage to realize in the day of trouble that the universe is only a sub tertiary voice.

An elemental thing. The outcome of a command.

A thing itself subject to control and manipulation and of itself powerless.

The Consequence?

The Creator reveals his gross displeasure at this diversion of glory.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.

And the intention, is that you should know him in his eternal power and Godhead not as something you call “universe” or “karma” or “mother creation”.

When people somehow manage to begin to know God, but they glorify him not as God but as something else of their own naming, neither are they thankful but chose to be vain in their imaginations, they end up with a foolish heart. A heart increasing in foolishness yet thinking it is wise.

A heart that ends up changing the glory of the Incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, or things or beasts; — About every religion out there has got several idols.

The above paragraphs in this section are a very mild rephrasing of Romans 1v18–23. The original text, if you even slightly glance, is far sharper. It will pierce through to the dividing of your soul and spirit, even to your joints and marrows.

Even now it does discern the thoughts and intents of your heart.

The more things change,
The more they remain the same.

Those who started this “universe” thing are of the occults of ancient eastern mysticism. They for hundreds of years desperately sought more “contemporary” and “acceptable” ways to spread their dark underworld doctrines.

They have come a long way from reeds, togas and robes to jeans, suits and ties. The papyrus has been exchanged for an iphone.

If you don’t exercise sufficient research into the origin of words and influences, you will soon form a salutation from an ancient incantation.

Your soul is much too precious to be so easily used as a petri dish for the culturing of some dark and curious pestilence.

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