Photo of the Day: First of all, kneel down there…


by Isi Esene

Many have referred to Nigerian private universities as glorified secondary schools but this photo above puts a different ring to this assertion.

The photo was said to have been taken in Bowen University where undergraduates are made to serve punishments for coming late to the school chapel.

We cannot independently verify the authenticity of the picture so we will have to depend on our readers to let us in to their experiences in these private  higher institutions. But really, could this be true?

This photo was sent in by a reader

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  1. Hi,

    Different stroke for different folks. It gives me great concern when we criticise without truly checking the baseline.

    First, each institution has her principles and guidelines. I want to believe that upon entry to mostof these (now called glorified secondary school save many from frequent “jambing by JAMB). And a good number of the students BEGGED their way in.

    Findings shows that each students upon entry fills a comprehensive form, signed by parents, and even the religions leader (pastor or imam) consenting to the principle of the institution and the student is made to sign this same form (not under compulsion)

    Information also state that in the forms signed by this people, there are punishment for breaking rules, regulations and guideline of this school.

    Today university of ilorin in the name of religion and decent dressing apprehends student who the authority feels is not properly dressed and trousers is fast rolling out of the famous, known to be free institution.

    Again, 7 out of 10 corp members who goes to serve their father land is made to either kneel down, frog jump, sleep in the mud, many time carry lodges on the head(not as training) but as punishment. All of these are also students from respective institutions, home and abroad.

    Different strokes for different folk, if you don’t do what will make you kneel down, you won’t be asked to kneel. And trust me, if it is injustice or unfair practice, people would have sue this institutions and win.

    If you know you can fit into a system, its better you don’t join them,

    My opinion


  2. Bowen University is not a one man runned, it is owned by the Nigerian baptist convention. So please verify before passing any comment.

  3. I graduated from there but it wasn't this bad but it is true it happened there

  4. Lwkm! ar tink na u say u no de hear word. i no fit laff! FUNNY UNIVERSITY

  5. Vry correct…..I bliv d picture is real

  6. Very true. That’s d VC wearin d Agbada nd dts d frnt of Bowen Chapel

  7. I pity those who send their children to these one-man unrecognised schools. That’s all.

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