Psychotic: #DarkKnight shooter spits at guards, turns evidence bags into puppets

by Adeniyi Abdul

In more curious news, Aurora shooter James Holmes has apparently been spitting at correction officers. The man responsible for the shooting and killing of 12 people at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at a cinema in Colorado was apparently spitting at officers so frequently that he had to be made to wear a face guard.

The accused also had evidence bags placed around his hands to preserve gunpowder but pretended the evidence  bags were puppets and proceeded to play with them.

Former chief research psychologist for the U.S. Secret Service and an expert in mass shootings, Marissa Randazzo said, “I think there are two possibilities going on here.”

“One is that he is in the middle of a psychotic episode which is quite possible.” she said. “We see him distracted at multiple points, an almost sort of ‘coming to’ and trying to figure out where he is and process what’s going on.”

“The other thing that we’re seeing, and we’ve seen some of this behavior in the past couple months, might suggest mania. Meaning hyperactivity, hyper energy, been possibly up and not sleeping for days. What we might be seeing here is the post effects.”

“It is possible. We’ll leave that open,” she said when asked if she thought it could all be an act.  “What we’ve heard about his history does not suggest sociopath at all.”

“Let’s keep that in mind that he was studying neuroscience. He was studying exactly the type of brain issues that we’re going to be talking about throughout this whole case.”

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