Into the mind of a Super Sun – Exclusive interview with Bez

by Sola Fasasi

With moving lyrics and stellar chords, guitar-toting crooner Bez Idakula has made his way into the hearts of fans all over the country. He speaks to YNaija on his newest album, his most prized possession and many things in between!

Can you describe the moment or period when you ‘discovered’ your love for music?

I don’t think I have a description for the moment or period I fell in love with music, but I do remember something interesting that made me know I had love for the guitar.  There was a kid in my class in nursery school (Kiddy Joy Nursery School, Jos) who always had some red wellingtons on, aka rain boots. They looked awesome and I always looked at some catalogue at home and begged my mum to get me a fresh pair. That didn’t happen.

Anyways, this kid comes to school one day with a toy guitar! That was it for me. How could he be so cool? From that day on, if you needed me to do something for you, all you had to say was “I’ll buy you a guitar”.

What’s your favourite thing about your music Genre?

My favourite thing about my music genre is that I can keep experimenting around it; it’s not really a fixed situation. So I can use new sounds, mix and match all kinds of genres with it and keep creating an eclectic sound.

What inspires your music?

My music is inspired by other sounds, like practice sessions with fellow musicians, other people’s music, mistakes, divine inspiration from God, stories and life in general. Truth is, there are many sources of inspiration, even a picture or image could give you something to write about.

What are your top albums of all time?

I’m more of a song person than an album person, but I will try:

(1) Michael Jackson – Thriller

(2) Alicia Keys – Songs in A minor

(3) Bez Idakula – Super Sun (laughs)

Why is your new album titled Super Sun? What does it mean?

Super Sun is a song that came to me. I decided to make it the title track of the album because I knew it was divinely inspired and the message behind it is strong. The philosophy behind Super Sun is simple. It’s a play on ‘Super Star.’ The sun is the brightest star here on earth, it’s the most relevant because it produces light, energy and life, and it’s the only sun in the sky. The message is be unique, shine the light, be greater than the norm and serve the world with your life in whatever capacity.

How do you think your album will be received? Does it matter to you if the majority loves it or hates it?

I know my album will be well received and greatly loved. It may not sell a million copies in its first week of release, but I believe we shall build a strong following as the months go by. And from the buzz around town, you can see that this is already happening.

The major goal of any musician is to have his music loved by the majority. We all want to connect emotionally to the listener, so it would concern me to have a large percentage loving my music. There wouldn’t be any point if you couldn’t reach out to people with your music. Not everybody would love it, its okay, but eighty out of a hundred is an A+.

What do you think about the response to your singles so far?

The response has been really awesome; people are loving and enjoying them and I’m glad that my music has such a positive and uplifting effect on them.

How do you view your comparison with Asa, and what do you like most about her/her music?

My comparison with Asa bothered me in the past but it doesn’t anymore. My sound puzzles many people, they actually don’t know where to place me. I play the guitar, she does, I wear glasses, she does, we have soul as a common backbone and we’ve worked with the same producer, the easiest route is to compare me with her.

As a musician, I would say I love her writing, the composition and production of her music; really simple chord progressions but a powerful delivery.  As a listener, I love the tunes and the emotions they evoke in me when I hear them.

Any tours lined up? What are your plans after this album launch?

We have had similar performances with my band at the Life house and at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos. The turn out and response incredible! In September, we shall be hitting cities like Abuja, Kumasi, Accra; both in Ghana, Nairobi and possibly New York.  So I’m really excited at how all of that is going to play out.

The goal is to tour the album around the continents of the world. We can’t keep the music; it’s for the world to savour and enjoy.

Do you play any other musical instruments? What’s your favourite instrument?

I also play the piano. I love the piano a lot and maybe it’s because I don’t play it as well as the guitar. I think my best instrument is the guitar, very portable and sexy. (Laughs)

If you weren’t a musician, what would be the next best thing to be?

If I were not a musician, I would be into graphic designing or industrial design, something with a cool name; that would also require creative energy and input.

What’s your most prized possession?

My most prized possession would be my mind.

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