Real Warri Pikin Opens Up About Battling Health Issues and Subsequent Weight Loss Surgery

Laughter is her profession, but behind the scenes, Nigerian comedian Anita Asuoha, known to many as Real Warri Pikin, was facing her own battles. In a candid revelation posted on her YouTube channel, she shared the personal and transformative journey she undertook to prioritize her health and well-being. The comedian’s story is a powerful reminder that strength can be found in vulnerability and that making tough decisions for one’s health can be a path to empowerment.

Real Warri Pikin disclosed that she underwent weight loss surgery due to health reasons, a decision motivated by her husband’s concern for her well-being. Her weight had begun to take a toll on her health, leading to a condition called atherosclerosis, which involves the thickening and hardening of arteries. This condition resulted in dizzy spells, breathlessness, joint pain, and other health challenges that prompted her to consider a significant change.

In 2017, she initially embarked on a journey to lose weight through exercise and a healthier diet, but she encountered obstacles along the way. Despite her efforts, the desired results eluded her, and her health continued to deteriorate. By January 2023, the health challenges escalated, and she found herself at a crossroads.

The decision to undergo weight loss surgery was not taken lightly. It was a process of self-reflection, contemplation, and consultation with loved ones. Real Warri Pikin candidly shared the emotional struggles she faced in making this choice. She revealed the fear, uncertainty, and internal battles she grappled with before ultimately deciding to go ahead with the surgery.

Her journey serves as a reminder that health decisions are deeply personal and often involve complex emotions. With courage and determination, she underwent the surgery, embracing the change that was necessary for her well-being. Her transformation is not only physical but also reflects her mental and emotional growth.

On August 30, 2023, Real Warri Pikin shared her transformation with the world through a cameo on her Instagram page. The before-and-after images showcased her remarkable journey, highlighting not only the physical change but also the newfound happiness that radiates from within.

In a world quick to judge, Real Warri Pikin addressed critics who questioned her choices. She firmly stood her ground, encouraging those who doubted her to try understanding her journey before passing judgment. Her words echo the sentiment that every individual’s path to health and happiness is unique and deserving of respect.

Watch the full video below.

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