Shola Okubote: 7 things that should inspire you to blog

by Shola Okubote

Whether you are someone not so familiar with blogging and have been wondering what all the excitement is about, or you are a blogger with no motivation to continue blogging. Here are seven things that should still make you consider blogging.

To Share Expertise: From giving birth to planning funerals and all the things in between, people have been able to use blogs to share their expertise and enlighten other people about different topics. If there is something you are really good at, blogging is a good way to share your knowledge with people and be known for what you do. This may also create online and offline opportunities for you to participate in activities that are related to what you blog about.

Gain Knowledge and acquire new skills: As a blogger, you will likely spend a lot of time visiting other blogs, participating in online forums and also reading extensively to research your topics. Many bloggers find this really rewarding because it expands knowledge and opens their minds up to things they probably wouldn’t have known.

To Make Money: When it is done well, blogging has the potential of generating income for bloggers. Many people have been able to turn blogging into a lucrative business by selling ads spaces, doing product reviews and featuring sponsored content.

To Meet New People: Blogging also gives you the opportunity to become part of communities. It has become a fantastic way of networking and building online and offline relationships with other bloggers and with readers as well. Many bloggers have been able to build meaningful personal and business relationships with other bloggers through their blogs.

For Marketing Products/Services: It is a fantastic platform that has enabled many people to build successful small businesses because it helps them promote and talk extensively about what they do. Having a blog that is dedicated to your service/product is a good way to interact with customers and get direct feedback and enquiries about your work.

For Self Expression: Blogging is also an avenue to express your thoughts and opinions on different issues. For some it has become a journal of sorts, where they capture different life experiences in words and get some release from daily pressures of life.

Sense Of Fulfilment: There is a sense of fulfilment that you can get from starting a blog and watching it as it grows. Knowing that people like what you are doing and are ready to spend time reading your articles daily is an incredible feeling.


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