Should pastors be allowed to reject gay marriage ceremonies? Join the debate

A majority of Americans, almost six out of ten, see gay marriage as a civil rights issue, but still think that pastors should be able to refuse to officiate at the wedding ceremony if they don’t want to do it.  This question is one that is being pondered around the country, as the nation attempts to balance between religious freedom and civil rights.

According to a new report done by LifeWay Resources, based in Nashville, Tennessee, nearly two-thirds of Americans think that gay marriage will eventually become legal in the United States.

LifeWay Research conducted a wide-ranging survey of American adults on questions surrounding gay marriage; specifically examining whether clergy, wedding photographers, rental halls, landlords, and employers have the right to refuse access and services to same-sex couples even if same-sex marriage is made legal in their state.

“Clearly, Americans believe the prerogative exists for individuals such as clergy or photographers to deny services for same-sex marriage,” said Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research. “However, the level of agreement changes with scenarios that could be interpreted as more basic rights such as housing and employment.”

Stetzer went on to say, “While a majority of Americans categorize homosexuality as a civil rights issue like age, race and gender, and almost two-thirds think legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. is inevitable, the research does show lines and divisions on these issues clearly exist in our country.”

The research also showed that men are more likely than women to agree that pastors and such have the right to refuse services. The same is true for Americans that call themselves “born again or evangelical.”

According to the findings the following are the results:

  • 63 percent agree and 27 percent disagree that pastors should be allowed to refuse to officiate gay weddings if they are made legal in their state;
  • 58 percent agree and 33 percent disagree that photographers should be allowed to refuse to work gay weddings if they are made legal in their state;
  • 40 percent agree and 52 percent disagree that rental halls should be allowed to refuse to rent out their facilities for same-sex weddings if they are made legal in their state;
  • 27 percent agree and 67 percent disagree landlords should be allowed to refuse to rent housing to same-sex couples if same-sex marriage is made legal in their state;
  • 14 percent agree and 82 percent disagree employers should be allowed to refuse employment to someone based on their sexual preference.

The battle is on-going and not expected to end anytime soon.  The issue is making headlines in the US and around the world.


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  1. Ah! Even the Bible says no to it!

  2. He should not cus its abomination b4 God

  3. A pedophile is someone with sexual affinity for children or minors. it is viewed as an abuse, mental disorder and crime while a gay is someone with strong sexual affinity for someone of same sex and viewed as a human right and should be accepted globally. crucify a pedophile and celebrate a man caught sleeping with another man or crucify a man or woman caught committing adultery but celebrate a woman or man sleeping with same sex. What is Marriage as ordained by God a union between Man and Woman but Marriage as ordained by man and adjusted in some constitution is union between two people. Pastors are ordained by God and not Man; therefore should not attend marriage that is ordained by man and not God.

  4. I think there’s no debate here. If your religion as a pastor is against it, then it’s your obligation to reject it. Also, since it’s their right to do gay marriage, it’s also your right to reject an event in an event centre if you wish to.

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