StylePolice! Mania Magazine launch

by StyleEYE

Here’s another edition of StylePolice from the launch of the high fashion Mania Magazine. We’ll get right to it – Voila!

The Panel

Onyinye Fafi Obi is a fashion enthusiast, stylist and the fashion editor of one of young Nigeria’s leading websites.

IDJ’s name is Ryan Seacrest! Ok, that’s a lie. He’s a content producer (don’t ask him, he made that up). If you’re up for a good laugh, then he’s your guy!

Adebayo Oke Lawal is the Creative Director of design labels Onyx and Pearl and Orange Culture, and an associate founder of Bubaai, a styling company.

Yemi Olowu is a successful fashion blogger, a runway and high fashion expert, and the Contributing Style Editor of YNaija.


Photo credit: Coco for YNaija

Ezinne Chinkata

Bayo Oke Lawal: I love Ezinne’s quirky style, love the bag and the ensemble from the neck down, not so sure about the bowtie though, but I love her.

Onyiye Fafi Obi: I love the midi skirt – so 70’s! The bright colours are also a plus in my stylebook. Although I love the show of decollatage, I hate the bowtie. So unnecessary.

Yemi Olowu: I love colour blocking, especially when yellow is involved. I love the 60’s handbag and the way she let black reign.

IDJ: Dear Ezinne, I understand that you wanted to make a statement as a reputable fashion editor and I think the colour blocking already accomplished that. So explain to me why you decided to wear a bow tie and look like gay Mickey Mouse?

Hauwa Mukan

Onyinye Fafi Obi: Amazing outfit… I love the way the tights and booties gives the illusion of longer legs!

Yemi Olowu: This is so street style, she rocked it. But, just because it worked for Hauwa Mukan doesn’t mean it would work for you. Know thy self.

Bayo Oke Lawal: I love Hauwa’s very youthful and patriotic ensemble, the ankara playsuit, the blazer, et al worked together perfectly. I love how playful she is with fashion.

IDJ: You almost looked flawless till you decided “hmmm! why don’t I put on a random belt that just throws off my entire outfit? This way, people will really want to take a picture of me”.

Makida Moka

Yemi Olowu: The smile, the long legs, the pose, nothing could have made this ensemble look more chic, this is perfection.

Bayo Oke Lawal: Makida killed this look! I love the high shouldered tweed blazer, cinched at the waist with the right sized belt, the ballet skirt, and the nude pumps, very age appropriate and still very sophisticated.

Onyinye Fafi Obi: I love her structured blazer. The mini pleated skirt gives her a sexy yet sophisticated look! Thumbs up.

IDJ: Makida looked fresh, young and different. I’m just amazed at the amount of things you can create with a used rice sack these days (e.g rice sack jacket).

Yinka Davies

Bayo Oke Lawal: Hmm, not so much! The outfit’s not right for her body type – it just expands, instead of flattering her body.

Onyinye Fafi Obi: Like seriously? I am a fan of turbans, but I hate the outfit. There’s no fit and the sleeves are so wrong.

Yemi Olowu: I would love to see this dress without the printed sleeves. Then we can save her by replacing those shoes and burning the turban. Yinka is good at what she does, but maybe dressing up isn’t her thing.

IDJ: When you wear a dress like the one Yinka Davies has on, you just know you can’t do a normal pose because then people will wonder if you are stable – hence the random pose.

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal

Onyinye Fafi Obi: So right! Gorgeous dress, simple silhouette. Hair, makeup and shoes… on point.

Yemi Olowu: Kate’s look will appeal to a lot of women, it’s simple and modest.

Bayo Oke Lawal: Boring.

IDJ: Kate Henshaw looked absolutely gorgeous. Very age appropriate – the right amount of exposure.

Rita Dominic

Yemi Olowu: She looks so pretty, and I can imagine wat Rachel Zoe would do with that skirt. Simple and easy on the eyes.

Bayo Oke Lawal: I love the skirt,  but I’m not a fan of the ensemble on her.

Onyinye Fafi Obi: Funny enough, I love this look! A bit boring, but the sequin skirt gives it life.

IDJ: There is a difference between sequins and tiny CD’s, which is what Rita Dominic is wearing as a skirt. I’m just happy that this time your skirt is almost closer to the knee than to your waist.

Ini Edo

IDJ: Apparently Ini is going or coming from the office, or is this what she really planned to wear to the event?

Onyinye Fafi Obi: Yes girl… werk it! I love the colour, and the fit of the peplum dress is just right! Minimal accessories. Love it.

Bayo Oke Lawal: Ini Edo looks good, quite sophisticated. It’s nice to see her like this for a change.

Yemi Olowu: Ini Edo goes for a safe look. It works for her, works for the event and the dress sits well on her body.

Tara Fela- Durotoye

Yemi Olowu: There’s something about this outfit… I just can’t place my finger on it. The jacket blows me away, so could it be the jeans, or am wishing the jacket can come down a little? Nice ring by the way.

Onyinye Fafi Obi: I’m really digging the jacket. The colours are vibrant enough to make it a killer. It’s not a full picture, but I’m hoping she wore skinnies jeans and black heels for a long silhouette.

Bayo Oke Lawal: A bit too casual for the event, I would think, but other than that she looks chic. That’s a very unique blazer.

IDJ: Tara, no comment.

Colourful boys

IDJ: Coloured boys, I don’t believe you’re in the same event as the other people. Did your IV read “Dress code: wear any and all colors in sight”? I’m having an epileptic attack just looking at you.

Bayo Oke Lawal: There is too much going on. Too many wrongs – I’ll best not comment.

Yemi Olowu: I’ve seen these colors somewhere, was it in Omo Ghetto? Yes, I saw the yellow, the orange, the blue and the red on Funke Akindele and her ghetto girls’ hair.

Onyinye Fafi Obi: I can’t, I just can’t. New boyz, I blame you! *screaming loud* This is just wrong!

Yvonne "Vixen" Ekwere

Onyinye Fafi Obi: She looks stunning. I love the dress and shoes. Absolute ‘pow!’

Yemi Olowu: This jacket is gorgeous and on the right body. I’d love to see more Aso Oke on the red carpet. The Ankara has gotten enough attention already.

Bayo Oke Lawal: Gorgeous! I love it, everything about it. She obviously knows what’s in style.

IDJ: Vixen, no comment. She does look like a queen bee’s butt though.

Tayo Shonekan


Onyinye: Love the blouse… Cool color! The shoes are fabulous! Excellent Outfit. 10/10

Yemi: She’s definitely best dressed nominee for me. Victoria Beckham would totally rock this look. Way to go Tayo.

IDJ: She has just re-defined bo-ring.

Best dressed
Onyinye – Tayo
Bayo – Yvonne
Yemi – Tayo
IDJ – Kate Henshaw
Best Dressed – Tayo Shonekan

Worst Dressed
Onyinye – The colored boys
Yemi – The boys
IDJ – Ezinne
Bayo – The dudes
Worst Dressed – The colorful boys

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  1. IFEANYI DIKE definitely has no business on dis panel…where d hell did he crawl out from anyway??? Knows practically nothing of fashion…. Wot stupid audacity!!! He beta crawl back into d cradle.

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is this the same Ifeanyi Dike that wore old rugged looking clark wallabies on the Arise carpet ???

    Ifeanyi Dike (In reference to Arise Fashion Show): His Grey Jacket and Blue Shirt looks A-OK, but those shoes … ah.. JOHNNY WALKER is still WALKING in them…

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