Surprise: These 7 things may be secretly affecting your sex life

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 riding bike When you smell something foul, like the trash outside your window, your body goes into protection mode against diseases

There are many different things that can change your sex life. Some changes are good, some can be bad. Here are seven things that you may not know can change your sex life.

1. Sometimes men tend to put on a little weight when they get older. This could mean a good thing for their partners. Men who are larger tend to last longer during sex. More fat can help prevent premature “eruptions”.

2. You may have a favorite toy and this toy can affect you l!bido more than you know. Most sex toys contain a chemical called phthalates which are chemicals that help shape the different aspects of the toy. Research has indicated that these chemicals can cause a decreased libido, low sperm count in men, and even cause certain cancers.

3. A drafty window can cause problems for women. When their feet are cold, they can end up having problems climaxing! The brain tells your body that since your feet are cold, other parts of you must be cold too.

4. Stinky rooms can lead to safer sex. When you smell something foul, like the trash outside your window, your body goes into protection mode against diseases. In a research study, couples that were put in a smelly room chose to use condoms more than the couples in nice smelling rooms.

5. Did you know that your birth order can determine how many partners you have? First born siblings tend to think about the long-term and concentrate on having families and stable relationships. Younger siblings however tend to go against social norms and prefer to have shorter sexual relationships.

6. Be careful of how you ride your bike ladies! When the handlebars are lower than the seat it can put extra pressure on the gen!tals and you can lose feeling which certainly doesn’t help during sex.

7. Make sure your man flosses. When he doesn’t floss like he should, he could develop gum disease. This can lead to bacteria in the bloodstream which leads to erect!le dysfunction.


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