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AzeezOctober 4, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘The less privileged are most affected by the economy’

The current economic situation, worsened by high rate of inflation and skyrocketing prices of commodities has been nothing to write ...

AzeezSeptember 30, 2016

#30Days30Voices: Your thoughts on the Nigerian economy?

That the economy has been harsh is a fact every Nigerian knows now. So in the episode of #30Days30Voices, we decided ...

AzeezSeptember 29, 2016

#30Days30Voices: How is the economy affecting you as a student?

It is no longer news that the Nigerian economy is at its lowest ebb in history, affecting Nigerians of different ...

AzeezSeptember 28, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘Things are getting worse!’ | This man feels Nigerians have not experienced any ‘change’

President Muhammadu Buhari, during his campaign promised Nigerians that they would experience ‘Change’ if voted into office. Fast forward to ...

AzeezSeptember 27, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘Those managing our economy are below average’ | ‘Govt has to do more on security’

The present administration has been scored high in the aspect of security, especially in the fight against terrorist group, Boko ...

AzeezSeptember 26, 2016

#30Days30Voices: Is the ruling party (APC) one of the problems we are facing in Nigeria?

The current state of the nation is one that calls for deep concern from all and sundry. Unemployment is on ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 19, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘There is no improvement at all!’ | This man is clearly unhappy with Nigeria’s unsteady power supply

In the last few months, the level of power supply across Nigeria has been a contentious issue with some areas ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 16, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘For days now, the economic situation has worsened’

In recent months several financial institutions have been in the news for either laying off workers or having financial difficulties. ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 15, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘Who isn’t affected by this economy?’

It is no more news that Nigeria’s economy is tanking and that daily businesses are closing down due to the ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 14, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘Is this country going down the pit?’

As normal activities resume across the country after two days of national holiday, Nigerians are still faced with the reality ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 13, 2016

#30Days30Voices: The government of today has failed | Watch as man laments the cost of fuel

The economy is on a downward spiral, cost of living is soaring and people are losing their jobs daily. That ...

Mazi EmekaSeptember 12, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘People are dying… We can’t stand it again’ | Man complains bitterly about the economy

The economy of Nigeria is at its worst for the first time in decades. Inflation rate is through the roof ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 7, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘The prices of things are increasing whereby the salary is not’ | Man speaks on the present state of the Nigerian economy (WATCH)

The Minister of finance Kemi Adeosun recently said Nigeria is facing one of its worst times economic wise. With the ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 6, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘The problem we have is tribalism’ | Man talks about the rise of insurgency in Nigeria

Tribalism is a major problem that has eaten deep into the fabric of the various institutions – both public and ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 5, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel’ | Man believes Nigeria’s economic recession is a sign of great things to come

In the past few weeks, Nigeria has ‘technically’ slipped into recession and different sectors of the economy have been hit ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 4, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘The government needs to help anyway they can’ | Man calls for the revivial of the Nigerian theatre industry

The Nigerian theatre scene was once a vibrant industry and with the successes of Saro The Musical and Wakaa The Musical ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 2, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘Govt should consider the death penalty for rapists’ (WATCH)

Rape is such an hideous crime that many believe stiffer punishments should be issued out to rapists considering the effect ...

Oreoluwa PetersSeptember 1, 2016

#30Days30Voices: ‘People are hungry but ….’ | Man assesses the Buhari administration

With the critical Forex situation, crashing oil prices and the volatile situation of the economy, there appears to be a ...

Oreoluwa PetersAugust 31, 2016

#30Days30Voices: I think he can do better | Lagosian scores Ambode

Accountability in government is highly essential and citizens are the unofficial monitor of the government, often measuring the progress of ...

Oreoluwa PetersAugust 29, 2016

#30Days30Voices: Nigerian speaks about the electricity situation in his neighbourhood (WATCH)

Upon President Buhari’s inauguration in May, some heaped praises on the government as there seemed to be an improvement in ...

Oreoluwa PetersAugust 27, 2016

#30Days30Voices: “Victims face a lot of stigma…” | On child trafficking (WATCH)

Child trafficking is a form of human trafficking which involves the illegal movement of children, typically for the purposes of forced ...

Oreoluwa PetersAugust 26, 2016

#30Days30Voices: Is diversifying the economy the way forward? (WATCH)

During the visit of a special envoy from the president of Iran to the Presidential Villa, Abuja in July, President ...

Oreoluwa PetersAugust 25, 2016

#30Days30Voices: Should government subsidize forex for pilgrims? (WATCH)

A few weeks ago, the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a new foreign exchange policy that Nigerians on social ...

Emmanuel ChidiogoSeptember 15, 2014

Ayorinsola Obisanya: What is the essence (30 days, 30 voices)

by Ayorinsola Obisanya I’ve got questions I haven’t yet found answers to. Let’s see if you can finally help me ...

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