The Beauty Spot: I’m loving it

by Lucy Goosey

After a long summer in Lagos, I decided to treat myself to a few days in London before returning to the States. I know this may come as a complete shock but I am pretty hard to please. Some might even call me critical and cynical. I personally think that is an exaggeration. Me, critical? Never!

Anyway, whatever the case may be, if there is one thing that is pleasing me right now, it is London fashion. Ever since I stepped off the plane I have been assaulted by an array of bright colors and rich fabric. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some people who look like they got dressed in the dark, but for the most part, I am L-O-V-I-N-G London fashion this season! Even the guys have stepped their game up, I do not see nearly as many guys in those hideous tracksuit and hoodie ensembles. Maybe some good came out of the London looting after all?

Anyway, because I am on such a shopping high, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite trends! If you are in Nigeria take these styles to your tailor immediately, If you are in London there is no reason for you to be at home and if you are in any other part of the world hit up the online stores because these styles are just too hot!

1. Chiffon skirts

Anyone that knows me knows how I like my skirts; short and tight. But I am putting my bodycon skirts away in favor of the long flowing chiffon skirts. Before you judge me for dressing like your grandma, let me explain why these skirts are the sexiest things in my wardrobe right now.

I opt for the long skirts that are completely see through and team them with a very short skirt underneath. This leaves more to the imagination that the regular mini and will leave you feeling like a swanky sultry seductress. Ok, maybe I am the only one who thinks in alliterations but either way the skirts are hot. Halle Berry wore one to the Golden Globes and Gucci has a version that Rosie Huntington wore to the Transformers 3 premiere. I respect my levels so I bought mine at Miss Selfridge.


2. Trousers
From as far back as I can remember, my mother has encouraged me to wear skirts because apparently I have nice legs, I personally think that she is on a personal vendetta to increase my bride price. To the dismay of my mother, I have fallen in love with tailored trousers this season. My favorite ones are the high waist, pencil trousers. You can find these everywhere, even good old Primani aka Primark is up on the trend. I personally love the fit of the ones at American Apparel and Zara. Did I mention what these do for your legs? They give the wonderful illusion that you have legs for days. Once my mother realized this, she could breathe easy as my brideprice is still intact! I am still in search of the high waist wide leg trousers but I haven’t found the right pair. They are either too wide and make me look frumpy or not wide enough and make me look like I’m wearing the wrong size.

3. Crop Tops

Nothing says fun and sexy like a crop top. If your stomach is like pancake then by all means pair a crop top with some low rise jeans and stunt hard! Buuuut, if your stomach resembles more of a puff puff than pancake, you might wanna skip out on this trend. What? It’s the truth! For those that can ‘suck belle’ a crop top and a high waist skirt or trousers is an option.

4. Loubs

My boyfriend expressed his concerns about my latest purchases. He is worried that when we get married, our children might starve because I will spend our money on feeding my habit. Can someone say dramatic?

Yes, it is true I have an obsession with Louboutins but addict is a strong word to use. I prefer words like fan, devotee, aficionado. The best shoe that Mr. Louboutin has ever designed is The Maggie. They were released in 2009 and Lord knows I searched high and low for these shoes but they were completely sold out. Then, as the Shoe gods would have it, I walked into Selfridges and there they were! They were staring at me and it was like I could hear them talking to me “buy me, buy me, buy me!” Who am I to disobey an order from Oga Loubouton himself? That would be like shoe blasphemy! I may not be able to afford food for the next couple of months but Issorai!

If you are also a Louboutin aficionado, check out, they have crazy sales sometimes so just bookmark the page.

5. Flats

So until yesterday, I did not own a pair of flats. Now I own three . I am a big fan of the ‘boyish’ look. I like to add ‘masculine’ pieces to my outfits, in fact I have been considering buying a bowtie for some time now… must remember to add that to my shopping list. Anyway, I usually think flat shoes make women look like ducks but I have to say that I have fallen head over heels in love with Oxfords. They are just tooo cute! My ideal outfit would be shorts, a crop top, a hat, my oxfords and a killer bag.


Ok, its time to get back to my shopping!

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