The Monk Speaks! Re: Mo’Hits Break up, Don Jazzy stands to lose… Nothing!

by Henry Okelue

I have read with interest the many articles that have found their way onto the internet about the travails of Mo’ Hits records, with titles like “Mo’Hits Break up, Why Don Jazzy Stands to Lose”. The coincidence in title and sense of these articles has led me to one, possibly subjective, conclusion, that D’Banj, or a group of publicists loyal to his cause are pulling all the stops to bankroll the propaganda machine.

It is very instructive to note that comparing D’ Banj to Don Jazzy is a case of comparing grapes to apples. Don’t ask me who the grape is in this case. Since this sort of comparison is the prevalent currency in these parts, then let’s go ahead and spend some more.

Let’s attempt to compare these two individuals along certain lines – skill set, current state of goodwill, and charisma. At the end of which we will discover that D’Banj’s hype-men have missed the plot and refused to move away from their myopic view of how they think the industry and fans think.

1.      Skill set

Both D’Banj and Don Jazzy were recently signed on to the stable of G.O.O.D Music, owned by the iconic Kanye West. The former as a musician, and the latter as a Producer.  This has been one of the biggest pieces of meat that the D’Banj hype machine has held on to with their fangs.

Mr. Kanye West is not only known for his intelligence while stringing together musical lines and beats, which has earned him fame and fortune, he is also known to be a savvy business man. He didn’t just go for the one known as a sex symbol across Africa, he also went for the one who has produced the rhythm that has made the sex symbol relevant musically.

D’ Banj might be the entertainer, he might be the sex symbol, Kanye West definitely knows that, but Kanye also must have found out that D’ Banj is lyrically shallow and has only stayed this relevant because of the dance-ability of his tunes. A comparison of D’ Banj and Don Jazzy in the eyes of G.O.O.D Music will be something like comparing a Puppet-on-a-string to the guy pulling the strings. Yes, D’Banj was the sexual face of Mo’hits, but Don Jazzy was the Obi-Wan Kenobi. If he hadn’t made the mad tunes of the hit – ‘Koko’, we probably would only have a harmonica playing D’Banj struggling to meet up with his alter-ego, Durella.

Don Jazzy has a skill that doesn’t come overnight; a skill akin to those of an engineer or a medical doctor. He was the intellectual powerhouse of Mo’hits Records, without which the label wouldn’t have been anything beyond a kiosk for selling CDs and mixtapes. This is why producers last way longer and stay way more relevant than most of their artists. They produce many more artists that rise up to become as huge as their first major acts. A good case in point is Clive Davis and Quincy Jones.

Don Jazzy is a long term hire for Kanye West and G.O.O.D Music, while D’Banj is just there to last a maximum of three albums from now till when the sex appeal becomes eroded due to age, probably.

2.      Current State of Goodwill

Do not discountenance the importance of the fans. If suddenly an artist becomes of the opinion that they don’t count, then he may have just signed his own retirement. Even with all of his grandiose sex appeal, the gist in town that many girls are laying in ambush waiting for him to stray and get raped, D’ Banj has had to embrace a sustained angry backlash from erstwhile fans and groupies. Why is this so?

It is actually not farfetched.

Don Jazzy enjoys the goodwill of the young people, who in actual fact are the ones who buy Mo’ Hits music. He has positioned himself, either intentionally, or otherwise, in the good books of this people through his acts of philanthropy and his general easy-going mien. Don Jazzy is the one who will take time out of his busy schedule to engage in small talk with his fans on twitter, the one who will take out time to call complete strangers on their birthdays, the kind of guy who you can sit down with, gist, laugh, and have a beer with. Don Jazzy was the same one, who after feeling the pulse of the people, came out on their side to denounce the Government for the way the state of the nation is at the moment. That is the man of the people, he is the guy many people will come out and rally around if need be. That is what relationship management is all about.

The simple implication of this is that his goodwill will rub off on any of the artists he produces and pushes out there, no matter how good or how bad, no matter how “Wande Coal” or “D’Prince”. Goodwill pushes units; goodwill keeps the business and the money flowing.

3.      Charisma

Don Jazzy has the charisma of a Prince. His calm exterior, his demeanor, his charm, all of this will keep him the most loved of the duo. His charisma has been one of the reasons why he has garnered overwhelming support at this time, even from the strongest of cynics, like Your Sincerely. Take a poll out there and ask the ladies who they will rather be with, D’Banj or Don Jazzy and you will be shocked at the numbers. Success in music, as in business, is about staying power and longevity. Charisma adds a great deal to making you achieve this. It isn’t all about how tight your pants are or how many times you scream “Oshe!!!”

In the final analysis, I hope Don Jazzy has learnt a lesson or two from this relationship gone sour. You do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstance whisper in the ears of a man who is known by different names by his different imaginary friends. Ok, that was on a lighter note.

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  1. Henry or what your name may be, the article you wrote is a bias one you are not saying the truth.breaking up between Don jazZY and D'banj does not mean the end of their friendship or partner you never can tell what will happen tomorrow,the way you talk about D'banj,is very bad, by saying he would not last for more than three years before fading out,that was nonsense,all i know is the duo are well compact able when it come to good music, Mr Henry if you dont know them dont judge them,dont say what you dont know zip your comment

  2. pure nonsense. you really should be ashamed you wrote this. so so biased.

  3. I wonder what will happen if on April 1 these guys comes out to tell us they've just been messin with our heads and all is cool btw them. There will be too many eggs on too many faces o.
    Be that as it may be,this article is bullshit and as biased as hell. Was written by someone who let sentiments cloud his view. How did the writter manage to delve into Kanye's mind and knows the separate packages he had for the 2 guys? Infact shining with Kanye AFAIC is no sure path to glory. Will Kanye have the time to nurture either of them's career to glory? I dont think so.
    As for that Charisma thing,that's an absolute lie! I love DonJazzy more than d'banj but sayin Dj has more charisma than db is way off the mark. Infact db major selling point is charisma. Then tellin us about public buyin record is nothin really. How many people buy cds these days? It's the shows and endorsements that matters my bro.
    The only true point i picked in the article is the public acceptability thing. Since that fuel price imbroligio and the sahara reporter interview,a lot of folks have hated db and cant wait to see him fail/stumble so on that score db is that loser.
    P.s Can we just move on over these issue

  4. I am a christian and as such I hold on firmly to my biblical beliefs.There is little a man can do,if he is not helped of God.D'banj has nothing to worry about bcoz God who has been his help in age's past will surely be his hope for years to come…if u r reading this,I encourage u to be quiet,for in ur quietness shall ur strenght be.Stand still and see d salvation of ur God.For all d haters,may u live to see d greater glory that is to revealed.D'banj,ur light will neva go dim…ur path will shine brighter…I LOVE U with my heart

  5. Mr monk, u did hv some points, but u were overflogging them; pushing a bit too hard.

  6. Mr Henry, pardon me to also say and hold the opinion that this article you wrote has *led me to one, possibly subjective, conclusion, that Don Jazzy or a group of publicists loyal to his cause are pulling all the stops to bankroll the propaganda machine.* But after saying that, doesn't it make me look myopic, sentimental, dishonest and possibly subjective? I believe it does.

  7. Can we serzly move on 2 anoda topic, dis has gotten boring. Its nt as if it has been confirmed by the relevant parties yet

  8. Now that was borne out of what? sentiments or sheer lack of what to describe what u feel for this guy? Henry this isn't intelligent at all….how come you lacked the honesty and objectiveness to mention his slam on Naija rappers and his lame apology? how come u didn't mention the arrogance that followed the so called denouncement of GED govt……pluuuzzeee, you are better than this shallow analysis u just made!!!! Quincy Jones and Clive Davis indeed!!!!!!!, make out time and check the number of award winning Movie Sound Tracks they made before and after the few world famous artistes they produced. Those are the legacy and still are what carry their names on now…..which has you Don Baba J done? NONE!!!!! It is a bad break up and both should move on and do what they know hw to do best. as a matter of fact, i will still feel they are incomplete without each other for a while but i beg of u, Do a better article another time pls… i respect you oo!!!!!

  9. In as much as I blv mr som of mr henry's points were valid. I rilly do blv celebs givin out rcharge cards on twitter is bullsh*t 2 me, don jazzy has how many fflwers? Like 200,000+ n u gv less than 100 pple card, dats nt enuf to earn u loyalty. D'banj is jst an ass, criosly. I don't hate d guy. At d end of d day don jazzy is nt makin his money 4 me. Bt truth be told, producers don't die easily. Unless if he has no skill in d 1st place. Don jazzy has been on almost all d'banj's songs, mehn it will be hard 4 d'banj 2 be acceptd wtout him. Kanye knws why he signed both of em. N if Donjazzy won't work wt d'banj anymore. Den honestly, I myt be wrong bt dbanj is doomed. cos I myt be wrong if I said d'banj lacks talent, but wtout donjazzy let's jst see how he fairs plus his response durin dis subsidy brouhahah doesn't help matas. I neva liked him anyway. Bt am jst a single person. 2moro d gals myt discover som1 wt much more or desirable sex appeal and shift deir attentn 2 d person. I don't thnk 2faces talent is wat is takin him places and I like 2face. So ur talent is like %30 in ur fame. Peace

  10. Both are nice guys to me but leave drug dealers to their game.they will eventually ,somehow sort themselves out! Chikena

  11. Is this necessary??, P.S JayZ has what? How many albums? And millions of girls will queue up to shag D'banj will def not lose that sex appeal in about 3 mor albums as u speculate Mr.Henry…the split up was unfortunate but y'all shouldn't bury d'banj bcos he didn't come out to give any statement on twitter or bcos he doesn't give calls to strangers on their bdays and sh*t..pls y'all acting lyk 14yrs old girls who just got grounded

  12. you ruined the article with your very first paragraph. just bcos people have a contrary view to yours doesn't mean they had to have been sponsored. too bad cos i didn't bother reading from then on. be objective next time

    1. exactly andy, u jst spok my mind. sounded like some nigerian politician speakin. too poor

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