The Weekend Watchlist: Here are 6 movies/series you need to see this weekend

The weekend is underway and in True Ynaija fashion, we are committed to helping you have the most relaxing time ever. So, again, we’ve done the work, compiled the movies, and given you a list that will keep your weekend fun, entertaining, and engaging. 

Our mantra is “no dull moment”.

So, here are six movies or series you need to see this weekend.

A Jazzman’s Blues (Netflix)

Tyler Perry has become his own brand, to the point where his name is usually put in front of the titles of his movies. His latest movie isn’t one of those big-name broad comedies. Instead, it’s a serious drama.

Perry’s debut script was A Jazzman’s Blues, but he waited more than 25 years to direct his passion project.

The story of a love that can’t happen takes place in 1940s Louisiana. As a teenager, Bayou (Joshua Boone), a jazz singer, falls in love with LeAnne (Solea Pfeiffer), a woman whose skin is light enough that she could pass for white. By moving the family to Boston, her mother keeps them apart. When they meet again years later, racism, colorism, and the Jim Crow laws in the deep South get in the way of their love.

Meet Cute (Peacock)

There are more and more time-loop romantic comedies being made. Meet Cute is like Groundhog Day and Palm Springs in that the same day happens over and over again. The twist is that Sheila, played by Kaley Cuoco, is the one who made the loop. She uses a magic tanning bed that can take her back in time 24 hours.

Instead of using this incredible equipment to make money or prevent accidents, she continues to go on dates with Gary (Pete Davidson). Think of Edge of Tomorrow, but more like “Live. Date. Repeat.” They meet in a bar and have a nice night together. But it’s not quite what Sheila wants, so she keeps jumping in the tanning bed to get it just right.

Abbott Elementary season 2 (ABC)

In one of the best series on television, school has resumed. Abbott Elementary got an A+ and several Emmys for its feel-good style of comedy in its first season. Now, both the teachers and the students are back to face new challenges and get into new mischief.

The second season starts with “development week,” when the teachers plan their lessons. Janine (Quinta Brunson) is ready to forget about her breakup and get back to work. So, she offers to plan the faculty mixer and tells the kids that they will be surprised by a famous person on the first day of school. Gregory (Tyler James Williams), meanwhile, finds that being a full-time teacher comes with more responsibility than he expected.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Netflix)

The latest true crime show on Netflix is about Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most famous serial killers of all time. Many documentaries and biopics, like the 2017 movie My Friend Dahmer, have looked at his 17 murders, which were very violent and disturbing.

Now, Ryan Murphy, the man behind American Horror Story and Crime Story, is making a change. Evan Peters, who has worked with him before, plays the psychopathic killer. Richard Jenkins and Molly Ringwald play his parents. Niecy Nash plays Glena Cleveland, a watchful neighbor who stands up for the victims and fights for justice.

Reboot (Hulu)

In Hollywood, everything old is made new again. That’s right, because that’s the whole point of Steve Levitan’s new comedy, which is a spin-off of Modern Family. It tells the story of the return of Step Right Up, a sitcom from the early 2000s. The new executive producer, Rachel Bloom, wants to bring back the original cast, which includes the pretentious Reed Sterling (Keegan-Michael Key), the shallow Bree (Judy Greer), and the sleazy stand-up Clay (Johnny Knoxville).

The original creator of the show, Gordon (Paul Reiser), is brought back for the new show. He finds that a lot has changed in the last 20 years and says something stupid when he meets a much more diverse group of writers.

Andor (Disney Plus)

Rogue One showed that there was room for different genres, styles, and tones in the Star Wars universe. Phantom Menace was about as far away as you could get from a dark and gritty war movie. It also seemed like a complete story, since (spoiler alert) all of the main characters die at the end.

But Disney will find a way if they want to. Tony Gilroy, who was in charge of the reshoots for Rogue One, made a pitch that the company couldn’t seem to turn down. He came up with the idea for Andor, a prequel about the early days of the Rebel Alliance, the group that would eventually defeat the Empire. Cassian Andor, a disgruntled thief who was hired to be a Rebel spy, is played again by Diego Luna. 

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