The Weekend Watchlist: Here are 6 movies/series you need to see this weekend

The weekend is underway and in True Ynaija fashion, we are committed to helping you have the most relaxing time ever. So, again, we’ve done the work, compiled the movies, and given you a list that will keep your weekend fun, entertaining, and engaging. 

Our mantra is “no dull moment”.

So, here are six movies or series you need to see this weekend.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow (Netflix)

This Halloween, Netflix provides The Curse of Bridge Hollow for additional family-friendly horror entertainment. Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson, better known as Erica Sinclair on Stranger Things, play a father who despises Halloween and his teenage daughter Sydney in the horror/comedy.

When Sydney accidentally sets off a spell, it brings (slightly scary) Halloween decorations to life. She and her father must work together to avoid killer clowns, zombies, and jack-o’-lanterns and break the curse before midnight, when it will be too late.

Rosaline (Hulu)

By changing the viewpoint to that of Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever), Juliet’s cousin, the sad story of Romeo and Juliet is given a new, romantic comic interpretation. When Romeo (Kyle Allen) loses interest in her to pursue Juliet (Isabela Merced), Rosaline is determined to break them up. She wants her ex-boyfriend back and will do anything to stop this famous couple from getting together.

Like the great shows Dickinson and The Great, this one is set in the past but uses modern language and style. It looks like a lot of fun. Plus, Dever is one of the best up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood, and she looks absolutely charming.

House of the Dragon episode 8 (HBO Max)

The king is dead, long live the… well, that’s the question that drives the entire story of House of the Dragon. Viserys has died, but it’s not clear who will take his place. Even though he named Rhaenyra as his heir, many lords of Westeros would rather see her brother, Prince Aegon, sit on the Iron Throne.

Queen Alicent and her father, Hand of the King Otto Hightower, were the two people who were closest to Viserys before he died. They are in charge of the greens. Alicent now has the last words of her husband, which people misunderstood to mean that Aegon should rule. Rhaenyra is far away on Dragonstone, so it’s easy for the greens to take over. Neither the princess nor Daemon will agree to that, so there will soon be a civil war.

The Watcher (Netflix)

Here’s a true American horror story with a bit of true crime thrown in for good measure. This limited series is made by horror and crime mastermind Ryan Murphy. It’s about how a family in New Jersey was scared by ominous letters from an unknown stalker.

Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora (Naomi Watts) Brannock move their three children into their dream home in the suburbs of New Jersey. Their neighbors, like the cold realtor Karen (Jennifer Coolidge), the nosy Mitch and Mo (Richard Kind and Margo Martindale), and the strange Pearl, don’t exactly make them feel welcome (Mia Farrow). Then, someone called “The Watcher” starts sending them scary notes that talk about sacrificing “young blood.”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 8 (Prime Video)

The first season finale of Amazon’s huge Lord of the Rings series may very likely see the creation of the titular Rings of Power. The story stopped after the Southlands was destroyed and turned into Mordor. Galadriel and a badly hurt Halbrand were on their way to meet with elves. Galadriel wanted to get the elves to help fight Sauron, and Halbrand needed to get better.

Halbrand is about to enter elf territory, and this has led to rumors that he is the Dark Lord himself. A few hints have been dropped here and there this season. The final trailer makes it clear that Sauron’s true identity will finally be shown. Halbrand could, of course, just be a false lead. And then there’s the question of the Stranger. Could he be a young Gandalf, as some have speculated?

Halloween Ends (Peacock)

Even though Halloween will always be around, this is the last movie in the H40 trilogy, which was made by David Gordon Green and starred Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s also the last time that Curtis and Nick Castle will play Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, the hero and villain of the original 1978 slasher movie.

In Halloween Kills, which takes place four years after Myers’ last killing spree, Laurie is writing her memoir and taking care of her granddaughter at the same time. She has decided not to let him (Michael Myers) run her life and is starting to look forward to her days again. But when a teen boy is accused of killing the child he was watching, fear spreads through the neighborhood. Laurie has to finally face the evil that has been following her her whole life.

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