#ThePowerList: Tolu Ogunlesi, Japheth Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji… who else? Check out our list of the Top 10 powerful young people in Nigeria’s new media space!

Introducing The Annual YNaija Power List!

We present the most influential young Nigerians under 35 in Business, Fashion, Media, Entertainment, Technology and Politics!

We’re not talking influence or popularity; we’re talking to power to make things happen beyond their immediate spaces.

by ‘Ifreke Inyang

Let’s not even argue this – New Media is where the future is at. And in Nigeria, its stranglehold on our social, political, religious and life and the way it constantly drives the conversation is instructive, if not overwhelming. So, who are those we call conveniently call the powerhouses of New Media? We have a list!


Linda Ikeji:

 If you’re looking for the hottest gossip – which guy stabbed a lover to death, which former actress has turned a firebrand evangelist, etc – Linda Ikeji’s blog is where to check. But that’s just half of the story for this lady who walked into the American embassy and got a visa ‘cause they checked out “the most influential blog in Nigeria” and she popped. From #ABSURape to Mercy Johnson, Linda owns the day. You can’t ignore Nigeria’s number one blogger.

Uche Eze:

With elevated language, great pictures and a fantastic site layout, Uche Eze, the woman behind BellaNaija, has set the bar high. She started BN as a blogspot in the late 2000s but in recent years made it not just a proper fashion site but a profitable business – and she continues to set a standard.

Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi:

 On Twitter, Tolu Ogunlesi, CNN African Journalist of the Year for 2009, is revered – with about 15, 000 followers with whom he shares thoughts on everything from the House of Representatives hearing on fuel subsidy removal to the latest naked pictures on Twitter. With enough followers who take every word he says seriously, Tolu is on to something.

Japheth Omojuwa:

This is the man who made life intolerable for Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to the President on New Media, and the man who crystallizing much of the opposition to the president’s agenda amongst young people. With the lethal mix of a 20, 000 + strong Twitter account and a popular Omojuwa.com blog, added to his sometimes cringe-worthy candour, Omojuwa is king of the click.


Noble Igwe:

 A lot of folks were shocked when Noble Igwe, a few years ago, decided to leave his day job at 141 Worldwide to start up 360nobs.com. The website has achieved impressive name recognition for its pop culture serving and with all the supporting events brands and Igwe’s “quotable tweets” have made him one of the men to control what you read on the internet.

Cheta Nwanze: 

This is the guy who made 234Next.com into the force it eventually became. Along with a string of other media websites to his credit, Nwanze’s day job as the chief techie at Daily Times has clearly made it clear he has magic at his fingertips. Armed with several on-the-go gadgets and some of the brightest bloggers this technology expert is pushing the media outfit back to its former glory.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde:


This Nollywood diva is the president of ‘Osexynation’. The ‘Osexynation’ clarion call has led more than once to cluttered timelines – but has proven very useful when she has a new movie to promote or a new rumour to debunk. With the distinction of being cumulatively the celebrity with the most friends on Facebook and about 50, 000 + on Twitter, Omotola has power in her hands.

Don Jazzy:

We’re not sure he still has that magic anymore, but there are those who will argue that, at least on Twitter, it’s the Mohits CEO’s world and we are all just living in it. It’s not just his handle though, but his capacity to drive the day’s news cycle online, at least in entertainment circles. His mis-statement over rappers and their parents was one such instance, and it’ll take a few more gaffes (thought he is quickly piling them up) before this man will lose relevance online.

Wale Adetula:

‘Tula, as his friends call him, has come a long way from the times when his SistaSista idea didn’t quite get off the ground. With his Take 2 with TheNakedConvos, this young man has clearly cornered a huge section of the sex-and-relationships market online – with the blog, and events of the same name and his popular new The Writer competition. What’s that thing they say about being original?

Ediong Umoh:

You may not know him if you’re on Twitter, but you know his brand, NigeriaNewsDesk, which has been identified severally as Nigeria’s most influential Twitter handle – with enough Retweets and Mentions to last two lifetimes. An aggregator of news from sources across the world, and now interlinked with such websites as Ascology.com, Ediong is officially in charge of the news.

Editor’s Note: Any one associated with the core editorial team of Y! or YNaija has been removed from any of the lists.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated.

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  1. Nice list but u guys couldnt hv completed dis list without Reno Omokiri, Seun Osewa, Johny Adetunji-Adeoye (nobody knows d anonymous dude though), Kayode Ogundamisi (think he's more influential than omojuwa but i think older).

  2. Hi Ojay,

    If you see below the post – you will find an editor's note that says "This post has been updated"

  3. Please dont be silly. Have you even taken time to visit the site. Whoever wrote this piece didn't do http://www.thenakedconvos.com justice. Maybe you need to visit and see for yourself that the topics being discussed there go way beyond relationships.

    1. i visit the site more than you do…mostly to laugh…how does that impact my life or the 160 mm Nigerians! Biko go and borrow glasses!

      1. I have issues with people who are hypocritical! who you criticize one nominee. What have you done so far, no matter how small??

  4. About Tolu's CNN award, first u write 2006 then without apology, u change it to 2009. What's up with that?

  5. Too much ignorance. First all of you shouting Osewa – how is Osewa New Media ehn? He is a technology person and that is why if you had sense you would see his name in the technology power list! Gosh!

    And those talking about inventions and stuff – this isnt a list for most brilliant inn0ovation – it's for Power. Those who control the conversation and hold the power – wisen up! SOmetims the people with more voiceshare rule!

  6. linda ikeji is ova 30 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. TROLOLOLOL @ Fake age! Aliyu no go kill me o!

  8. I don't know them n most of dem especially that Ascology boy n d nairaland girl too do not expose demselves truly. He's on my Facebook page n never shows his face sha. I fink d same person owns nigerianewdsk n ascology.

    Here is my own list


    Linda Ikeji




    NotjustOk (think he's above 30 though)

    Don Jazzy (but with fake age of 28)

    Naeto C

    Whiz Kid

    Reno Omokiri

    Toun Ogunlesi

  9. This is the most ridiculous list ever! How are all the people on this list powerful? The only names i even recognize are Cheta, Ogunlesi and Omojuwa. Since when is Gossip, power? Since when is blogging about relationships, power? more than half of the people on this list are doing nothing to help better our nation. They are not providing jobs. They are not fighting for human rights.

    What happened to Chimamanda Adichie? Seun Osewa? Asa? NnekaThe Sahara Reporters guy? There is something very wrong with a nation that considers the people on this list as its powerful young people!

  10. Wenigha, Tokunbo, Timipre…you guys have said it all. Ynaija, me I don't gbadu this list lai lai( my linda Ikeji was there sha* wide grin*)

  11. Ok, I allowed you some time to correct the date of Tolu's CNN award. In a way, this discredits the entire piece.

  12. Timipre I agree with you, d osewa dude from Nairaland.com n the Johnny Walker dude from Ascology.com should be top. No one know the guy's name buh I thibk I heard him on BBC Radio n he says he's 22 or something but d guy's a genius. There is one other girl that runs CP-Africa.

    Those three with Omojuwa, @NigeriaNewsdesk and NotjustOk are perfect

  13. Seun Osewa (Nairaland.com) 28

    John Walker Adetunji-Adeoye (Ascology.com) 19

    Ovie (NotJustOk.com) not sure of his age

    Ayeni (NetNG)

    Reno Omokiri (Presidential Advisor on New Media) i think he's worth mentioning since he's the only young dude in politics and Light up Nigeria.

  14. Subjective list and very incomplete! What about Ayeni the Great of NETNg.com, Uduak Oduok of Ladybrille.com, Bola of Nollywooduncut, GidiTraffic to name a few

  15. if it's social media n you people did not include Nairaland.com, you are biased because it is one of nigeria's first and ranked first also i think that 19 year old owner of ascology.com deserves recognition, it's not easy to run a media such as that, and i also think CP-Africa girl too deserves mentioning. But kudos to this list too

  16. honoured 🙂

    1. Tula baba..Hat is duffed..U deserve it..

    2. Honored that what??? You are writing about relationships? How does this help the price of bread or change the price of fuel? How many people have you employed?

  17. Awwwww. – *wipes tear*

  18. Love and admire this people a lot….wana be like them,and I know that God on my side I'll attain dis height and evn higher.

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