TICKER: A business rules guide you must read

Suffolk County Sheriff’s deputies in Long Island, NY raided the home of Sandra Russell, 26, and Steve McDaniel, 29, earlier this month and arrested them for running a prostitution and drug ring.  Instead of paying the prostitutes in cash, the duo paid them in heroin.  McDaniel, the mastermind behind the prostitution ring, prepared Russell a list containing rules for running the crime smoothly. He titled the rules “Rules 2 Da Game of Hoez!!!”

The list, full of grammatical errors, has been transcribed below:

1·  Alwayz make them need and depend on you so you have power over them. (Power is control)
2·  Make them understand that you don’t need them they need you, and they are replaceable. Never let them no if you need them deep down inside..
3·  Never let no1 away with sneakin anything. cause once they feel they can get away they will alwayz scheme.
4·  No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don’t trust none of them (Like Scarface Who do I trust?? me thats who..)
5·  Alwayz stay 2 step’s ahead of the game you have them playin..
6·  Don’t let them know all your plan’s. But alwayz try to no there’s..
7·  Make sure you own there mind’s, body’s, and souls. (N test it out every often 2 make sure)

8·  Keep your bi on the low as possible when it come’s to family and hater’s. (Cause you can’t trust none of them)
9·  Alwayz try to no whatz goin on.. (Make them tell on each other).
10·  Give respect where respect’s due..
“Follow these rule’s,” the list concludes, “and you should b Gucci.”

Defendant Russell was a master manipulator of these young women who, in exchange for their prostitution services, she provided housing, clothing, food, cell phones and what they needed most – heroin,” District Attorney Thomas Spota told reporters.

Russell and McDaniel are in jail on charges of drug possession and sale, and a count of conspiracy.

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