TICKER: Cynthia Osokogu tricked and murdered by Facebook friends

Last week, Cynthia Udoka Osokogu‘s photograph was all over the internet. She had been missing since late July 2012, however, the news became viral just a few days ago.

We saw Cynthia’s photo and prayed that like many others we would hear news that she had been found – alive and well. It was not to be. She is dead.

There is a lot of speculation about what happened to Cynthia and lack of information leads to rumours and falsities.

No one will know ever know the full story except Cynthia but here is what we can tell you.

What happened to Cynthia?

24-year-old Cynthia Osokogu left Abuja in late July 2012 (According to reports, on the 22nd of July 2012). Like many enterprising young people, the post-graduate student of Nasarawa State University was a clothing retailer and had travelled to Lagos to purchase new stock.

Cynthia had been chatting with some new “friends” on Facebook for a few months. In the course of their conversations, they developed a friendship and a level of trust. These young men were also university students, they seemed normal and promised to host Cynthia when she came to Lagos.

There is speculation that they paid for her plane ticket and promised to pay for her hotel as well. Only Cynthia knows if this is true. Whatever the truth is, Cynthia trusted her new friends and had no idea that they had sinister plans.
What we know is that, these 2 young men picked Cynthia up from the airport in Lagos and drove her to a hotel in Festac. At the hotel, they tied her up, robbed her of all the money she brought to shop for her business and strangled her to death.

They then left the hotel and quickly deleted her from their facebook friend list to remove any trace of their connection.
The hotel found her body and since her ID cards and mobile phone had been stolen, they could not identify her or call friends and family.
Her body was deposited in a morgue in Lagos.
All this time, her family and friends were praying for her safe return.

How the Killers Were Caught:

At some point, one of the culprits accidentally answered Cynthia’s phone and the call was traced to Festac. Therefore, her missing person’s police report was submitted to the Area E Command in Festac. This enabled her family to find her body in the morgue and also led them to the hotel.

Using CCTV from the hotel, the killers were identified. According to reports, these two young men are university students who have now confessed that they killed Cynthia and she is their sixth victim – the gang reportedly specializes in luring unsuspecting young women, robbing them of their possessions before killing them. Though there is speculation that their motive was ritualistic, it appears that it was greed and their main goal was to rob and kill. The pharmacist who supplied the drugs used on Cynthia and hotel staff have also been arrested. According to Police spokesperson Ngozi Braide, “Six people were arrested on Sunday over the incident and investigations are ongoing”.

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  1. Mine is that the killers Shouldn't go scott free. RIP cynthia

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  3. This is really painful. God almighty order the steps of your children, never let us make wrong decisions.Only God knows how many of those killers are still out there walking freely.

  4. Dis is a lesson 2 we all either male or female, we just have 2 b sensitve nd careful especialy with friend that we are nt sure of there identity or baground. Wt cn we say? May her soul rest in peace nd God continue 2 protect us 4rm d evil once.

  5. Very very unfortunate,why human α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ so wicked and heartless but pls ladies beware of online friends.they re fake with fake info and pictures. I can't figured out what nigeria women really wants it has became madness wt d coming of BB,facebook,2go,twitter etc even married women.if ƴǒǘ want †Φ take risk pls make such ɑ̤̥̈̊ constructive one.this should be ɑ̤̥̈̊ lesson for those women wt boiling brain

  6. Not a good thing that happened. This should be condemned in it's totality. I don't really know the exact details of how the lady in question ended up with visiting these Cannibals nor how on earth she came to know and trust them all the way from Abuja. God help us.

  7. Where is the picture of the so called Cynthia Osokogu?

  8. I wdnt say she ws greedy! Juz gullible. But its sad bcuz dis days ritualists and psychopaths look lk ur everyday ppl! Im sure the men must hv looked lk reasonable ppl for her to agree to go to Lag n b hosted by them. Its a lesson to us ladies, tho a sorrowful one for her family. We can only pray that her family n frenz find Solace in God. Bcareful of social medias ppl! Even wen u put up ur info b very careful. God help us all.this is really sad.

  9. It a very sad story, d only daughter of her parents, May God punish these ritualist n dia Familyi

  10. I know she was greedy & gullible but this is just sad I don't have the words to discribe how I feel

  11. her head leg and hand were cut off…. she is a family friend, dnt kw y all these news are different

  12. What a world. Men A̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ very wicked


      1. What kind of narrow minded conclusion did you make? Are you her brother, sister or father, that you 'believed she had boyfriend'???? My friend go and learn how to speak proper English and stop casting aspersions.

    2. You are an illiterate. Shut the fuck up. Just look at what you wrote. Does it make sense to you? All u idiotic men that think you know a lot.

    3. you are a fool that why you people's were dying of long throat and over cheating this days . see you and your dirty mouth. how can one keep receiving money and air ticket from a strange person to the extent of accepting a hotel room she never knew how the arrangement was made . foolish idiot like you, am sure you are one of the so called wild ladies/[email protected]

  13. OMG what a waste of such beautiful a life! What's this world turning into? Is it then safer to be an anti-social hermit????

  14. Be careful of social media friends!

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