Tonto Dikeh doesn’t mind bleaching… and 4 other things SK Johnson learnt from her Rubbin’ Minds interview

by Sk Johnson


Hearts raced everywhere with the announcement that Tonto Dikeh would be sitting down with Ebuka on Sunday’s (yesterday) edition of Rubbin’ Minds. Was she coming on the show to say her piece about Iyanya (who, now infamously, said he would “dust off” Poko herself when he appeared on the show a few weeks ago) ? Would she curse out her haters? Would she attempt to sing on air? Fortunately, or well, unfortunately, depending on whatever side you may be on, none of that happened. Instead what we saw was a calm, articulate, and engaging interview from someone many have dismissed as everything from an airhead to a complete lunatic. Tonto was real as ever, revealing many juicy facts throughout the run of the interview. Take a look at the top 5 below.

1. She doesn’t know Iyanya.

Well, not exactly, but they certainly aren’t chummy, going by what she said. When asked what she thought about Iyanya saying he would “dust her off,” it was obvious Tonto couldn’t possibly have cared any less. “When I say I’ve just met him like once or twice, people don’t believe it,” she said flippantly. “I don’t know him, although I admire him as a fan, I like his music, but then, I don’t know him personally.”

2. She is publicity.

Yes, people. In addition to being an actress, a singer, and a wildly entertaining tweeter, Tonto Dikeh is also publicity in human form.

“I think people just take advantage of the fact that I don’t really come out to say ‘okay that’s not true’ The kind of life that I live, I don’t come out to defend myself.”

“Why would I enjoy it?” she asked Ebuka when he told her she must obviously enjoy the publicity, before going on to declare, “I am publicity.” Noted.

3. Twitter is work for her.

“I always tell my people, when I’m on Twitter, it’s work for me. I’m not there cos I wanna play. Twitter is part of my job. Trying to mix up with my fans, trying to make them love me, with them being in my life and me being in their lives.”

4. She has no issues whatsoever with lightening of skin.

As long as it’s done properly anyway. When host Ebuka brought up the issue of her skin, and asked her opinion on bleaching, she responded “I don’t think I have an opinion on it, I just think that we can do it the right way, it musn’t go wrong, it can be right. If you do not love your skin for some reason, you can change it; as long as you do it the right way, like some people use oil – I use oil because my body cannot tolerate creams.”

“It’s coming out well,” she elaborated, “It’s coming out really well. I’m a fair girl naturally, I just wanna enhance.” She did sound a note of warning for others who may want to jump into it without knowing exactly what they are doing; “there are some things that damage our skin, I’m not gonna lie to you, but then if you do it the right way, it can work.”

5. She’s releasing an album next year.

Put your hand up, Pokolets! Tonto announced that she will be putting out an album next year, made up of cuts from different genres of music. We anticipate.


Check out clips of the interview below:

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  1. For the first time in all of your banter SK you have impressed me. I am a fan of Tonto Dike, although i cannot say I am a fan of her music, i admire her courage and resilience. This interview has shown her to be calm and articulate as you have said, and also a down to earth real person. Iyana obviously insulted her, but she is so comfortable in her own skin she didnt retaliate. Infact she commended him. And the skin bleaching issue. She didn’t deny it like most of you would. I liked her before, but now she has earned my respect.

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