Twitter Personality: Victor Ibe Chukwu

by Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

His real name is *drum roll* Victor Ibe Chukwu! But he is more popular amongst his peers and most especially on Twitter as Tufab (2FAB – Too Fabolous And Bad). What many tweeps may know is that he is working on producing his movie which will be released shortly, as well as his mixtape. He’s getting the necessary attention not just on Twitter, but off it. He was nominated for the Dynamix Awards twice and is currently nominated twice for Peak Awards 2011 for Most Influential and Most Sought After Male. A self confessed jonzer, member of WFBC , World Famous Balling Crew, and  deep thinker with a crazy sense of humour, Tufab tells us what it’s been like on Twitter for him.

How did you get on Twitter?

I got on Twitter with the help of a friend, Elma in 2009. She helped me thoroughly understand the network because it was pretty difficult with the following and followers thing (Where are we going gannn?!?!). And it’s amazing that she could not keep up. I was already bored with Facebook and decided to try it and it has turned out to be one of my best social networks so far.

Who would you say is your favourite tweep?

Well, I’ve got a crazy sense of humour.  So it’s really sometimes difficult for a tweep to cheer me up because of the way I think and my kind of tweets. I love to be sarcastic.  So I admire @Ebuka when it comes to that. For Trending topics, @piper606 kills them for me. Then for deep tweets and thoughts, it’s @saucekibaba. So three of them are my favourite tweeps. It’s not as if i love them most because of those reasons.  I love all my followers equally.

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

I tweet random, crazy and funny stuffs from different angles. So it’s hard to choose just one as a favourite. Having said so, I love these two tweets though:

1: It’s Not Who Votes That Counts, It’s Who Counts The Votes.

2: Say No To Racism, Support The Return Of Black & White TV

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter? If yes, what happened? Embarrassing?  YES!  One of my DM’S leaked one time and it was meant to be confidential. I simply followed up with my next tweet making it seem like I intended to tweet that…  as a badt guysss! 😀  Memorable?  Nothing special yet because I enjoy every day on Twitter I flow with tweeps well. Maybe one day when I trend worldwide then I’ll consider that as memorable.

What are the downsides of being on Twitter?

When some tweeps just create an account to hate on you instead of trying to be creative and share with others, it’s so annoying at times.  But it’s good because then you know where you need to make corrections to become a great person while they only excel by looking for the faults in your greatness.

What are the upsides?

It helps you reach across to people on the other side, share things and know your favourite celeb more by interacting with them. You’ll get to make friends and meet other people you admire if they are on the network and probably have the chance to meet them too if you package yourself well. You also get updated in seconds with just one tweet you read. So it’s a big world of fun, news and gbagauns.

Most people have the impression that you’re quite troublesome on Twitter. What do you have to say about that?

Yeah, I am troublesome but those most people have loads of trouble themselves. If they’re cool with me, I’m cool with them but if anyone tries to get silly, I’ll play the silly game with them!  I understand Twitter and know how to go about it when anyone comes around my tweet with good or bad intentions.

Do you follow back readily? Why?

I usually only follow tweeps that are interesting to keep my TL alive but lately I’ve had lots of love from tweeps and it will be really unfair if I don’t show them love right back.  And I guess for most of them, the only way to do that is to follow back.  I still follow people ‘responsibly’ though. Not people that have fried eggs as avatar with only three tweets per month.

What would possibly make you close your Twitter account?

Only when GOD appears in my dream and tells me that I have to close it to make heaven or I’m given an offer of $10m to close it.  If not, YOU’RE ON A LONG THING! #GBAM

Twitter Stats

Followers: 4,574

Following: 348

Tweets: 42,688

Favourites: 159

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  1. LMAO!!!!!! That last guy vex oh…… Anyways big ups fab….. Lotta groupies tho…. I keep it real I no send anybody… I'm outta here!!!!

  2. Thanks @Tallolisa for your brilliant and accurate observation! He's such a selfish and pompous mudafuka! He doesn't follow back even when you ask him to. I stopped following him a long time ago when i couldn't stand his stupid attitude of ignoring tweeps and chatting shit alwaz.
    Tufab or whatever ya call ursef …. you aint a celeb so quit acting like a douche bag and get ur shit together!
    Movie ko, mixtape ni arrant nonsense! mschewwwww

  3. He's an ok dude, but i dont agree with d part dat says he readily follows a follower, u follow? i tink he is more particular abt being followed dat following cos following him increases his fellowship status which fills his head wit followed-fame-syndrome and makes him unable 2 follow. u follow? lmao!!!! he's cool none d less, but Tufab!!! try follow tweeps who ask..

  4. Haha..! Oga Tufab, u don reach here?..damn..! I guess I've been on track callin u d next best thing…I gat so much respect for u bro…keep it up…much love.!

  5. Tufaaab!! Love your tweets! Keep em coming… Looking forward to your new and upcoming ventures.

    Love from Kenya *kisssses*

  6. Tufab is d funniest guy on twitter..even when i ‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ so busy @ work or kinda of down i always look out for his tweets..he kips me going wif his tweets… ℓ♥√ع him..

  7. Dis is a FaBulOuS 'bout a fabulous GuY…9ce one,TufaB is a blessinG2naija youth on twitter tho too raw at tyms,buh he sure makes U smile…all d best D€ar!!

  8. …lol … lmafaoo @ fried egg .. well so far he's the only guy that intimidates me on twitter .. especially with the issue of that babe wey we dey drag…lol …he's a cool dude for real .. but erm erm …. that mixtape thing hmmmmmm lips sealed

  9. Never a dull moment following this dude…Very creative…Right reply 4 every tweets at him…Got more followers than some celebs…Down to earth unlike some wannabes, feeling like celebs that they r not… U too much jare, jeun soke LOL

  10. Nice article… Looking forward to the Movie and the Mixtape tho… S/O the the members of the #WFBC! @DONOZONE

  11. Too fabolous! Nicely crafted, the defintion and articulated piece makes it a must read interview…big ups to ifreke and thanks to @2fab for winning again! ResPEC'

  12. Nice! Now I knw ur surname :P….I thnk ur tweets r cool tho…but ur groupies?…that 1 na long jist! Sha don't be feeling special o…:P…holla wen d movie and mixtape is out so we can support u whicheva way we can! I have said enuff…hokay! x

  13. He's got an amazing personality,crazy sense of little brother asked me 2 follow him on twitter n since then my TL is never DEAD.p.s he's one of my suga sons :p love sugamama

  14. Tufab is onr person I respect a lot on twitter..his tweets r unbeatable..keep it up bro..we all got ur back..Much LOVE!!!

  15. Tufab is amazingly amazing! *am tanzanian* and so thank twitter for making me know Tufab in my TL… I am making it my business to meet him This year!! U can't hate on him!! FOLLOW HIM,n if u dnt av no twitter account yet get it n Follow him! Mwaaaaaahh victor ike-chukwu

  16. I love dis,finally smbdy worth readin about

  17. Hahahahahaha! Did I hear someone say Tufab is nt a Crazy dude in real life? Nice one Tufab, ur tweets keeps me going especially wen am angry. Funny funny tweets. Keep it up.

  18. I knw tufab personally n I must say he's real!! On n off twitter!! Tufab has a great twitter personality..his tweets r hilarious,sometimes inspirin!! I love fightin wiv him on twirra somtyms and guess what! The guy dey ansa me well well!!! Btw dis is no ass kissin o!! I love TUFAB!! Rem tu vote 4 him in the Peak awards!!!

  19. Tufab is hilarious&intelligent.Nigeria is Blessed…Tufab is a blessing!

  20. u jes gotta luv hm..X 🙂 he always crack me up! N thank God for twitter 4 letting me know hm. nuff luv! X

  21. This is so cool… Tufab I wanna be like u wen I grow up oh… I wander where he gets some of his tweets from… He's so creative and fun to follow… Much L♥√ع from here and may all ur haters purge till they see the light…

  22. Woooow!!!! 2Fab is 2 gbaski n fabulous jst as his name….luuuuuuuuuuuv him much n 4 em HATERS yhu re on a long thing…..osheeee

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