UltimateLoveNG: Despite Aunty’s advice, Arnold and Jay’s beef continue to escalate

Thursday evening was unexpectedly eventful, so eventful in-fact, that the drama of the day boiled over to the next day. The love guests were still in shock at what had transpired the night before, between Jay and Arnold. No one in the house could have predicted that Jay held that much animosity towards Arnold, especially since he hadn’t, up until that point, said a single word about it.

On Friday Morning, the tension between the two housemates was visibly glaring. They did all they could to stay away from each other, and their actions prove that they are not yet willing to look past this. They aired their feelings to everyone else asides each other.  The incident managed to create a ripple effect and caused everyone else to weigh in on the matter.

Reactions from the housemates ranged from sympathy to outrage. Of course we can’t begin without first revealing how the ever outspoken, Bolanle reacted. The moment Aunty left, Arnold’s partner, Bolanale, was the first person to confront Jay. She wanted to know why Jay had taken the action he did. It was then Jay began to reveal that he didn’t take too kindly to being called Judas. After a lengthy conversation of he said she said, they hugged it out, something Presh objected too.

Knowing Presh’s love for drama, she advised Bolanle and Jay not to hug it out, but to fight it out. She claimed that this way, they can talk genuinely about their feelings and know where their friendship stand, Bolanle immediately shut her up, saying that she wasn’t interested in such malice. Prior to Presh’s interference, David had warned her to stay clear of thus issue, she blatantly refused.

The next day, Arnold spoke to Kachi about it, he said that he would have had more respect for Jay if he had maned up and come speak to him about his grievances, at least that way they can squash whatever beef they have before it got to Aunty. Kachi agreed with him. Arnold also said that most of Jay’s accusation was a lie, and never was there anytime he called Jay evil.

Since Thursday evening most of the housemates have had something to say about the incident, except of course for the man who understands the art of minding his business; Chiddy banks. Chiddy even advised his partner Sylvia to stay away from the ugly issue, as the two prepared for their day in the love nest.

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