Washington braces as Trump looks to slash budgets

by Itunuoluwa Adebo

Government agencies across Washington are preparing for what some say could be debilitating cuts to their budgets, grappling with that fact that President Donald Trump intends to make good on his campaign promise to slash the federal budget.

Trump’s advisers say the cuts are meant to get a handle on the federal deficit, which grew under President Barack Obama and, according to the Congressional Budget Office could top $1 trillion by 2025 without spending cuts or revenue increases.

It’s not yet entirely clear what Trump will propose to cut. The President is expected to release his full budget proposal in the coming weeks, but his administration has rolled out budget priorities that have many in Washington contemplating how agencies will get by with less.

Although Trump made clear one place he wants to beef up spending is at the Pentagon. He will fund a $54 billion infusion of new defense spending with cuts elsewhere in the government.

The White House plan will have to be run by Congress, which controls the nation’s purse strings, but some specifics are already becoming clear at government agencies.

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