“We breastfeed each others’ children”: Sisters claim ‘nip**e-sharing’ is a natural part of sisterhood (PICTURED)

The Kardashian sisters love to keep things in the family, and recently mother-of-two Kourtney admitted that she would be happy to be breastfeed sister Kim’s baby daughter.

Pregnant Kim isn’t convinced by the idea, calling it ‘disgusting’, but the idea of wet nursing is actually an age-old parenting method that dates back to the ancient Greeks.

Sisters Bunty Rowe and Kyle Aldridge have seven children between them and often breastfeed their nieces and nephews. They are both members of the pro-breastfeeding group Lactivist and say that cross-feeding is natural and convenient and has even brought their children closer together.


Sisters Bunty Rowe and Kyle Aldridge have practised 'nipple sharing' for over four yearsSisters Bunty Rowe and Kyle Aldridge have practised ‘nipple sharing’ for over four years
26-year-old Bunty says that wet-nursing is perfectly natural and gives her emotional comfort
30-year-old Kyle has started a wet-nursing group for women who need to do it because of illness or emergency

26-year-old Bunty (l)  says that cross-feeding gives her ’emotional comfort’ and 30-year-old Kyle (r) has started a Facebook group for women who need to wet-nurse because of illness or emergency

On This Morning today the two women from Cam in Gloucs explained why ‘nipple sharing’ works for them.

Bunty, 26, who has two daughters Mabel, four, and Ede, two, said: ‘We enjoy breastfeeding, at the end of the day its all about choice. It’s a convenience thing as well as emotionally comforting. I didn’t want to give my children formula, that’s just a choice I made, so it gave me great emotional comfort to know that if my sister was looking after my daughter she could feed her.’

Her sister Kyle, 30, who has five children, explained: ‘There was never any big conversation about it it happened naturally  when my sister went out one day and was nervous [about leaving her daughter] and I said if she cries shall I feed her?’

‘How often and how much has varied over time. It’s all about meeting the needs of the children.’

The two women have been breastfeeding each others children for the past four years. Kyle, a full-time mother to Jai, 13, Lottie, 11, Levi, seven, Judah, four, and Elijah, two , will sometimes breastfeed friends’ children too.

She has started a wet nurse Facebook group in the UK to connect mothers who need breast milk due to an emergency or illness

The women appeared on This Morning to defend their lifestyle on ThursdayThe women appeared on This Morning to defend their lifestyle on Thursday

She said: ‘Breastfeeding is only a small part of your parenting ethos. Infant feeding is a bonding process but it’s a small part of a big picture.

In a recent interview with The Sun student midwife Bunty said: ‘We’re like one family unit really,’

Kyle, who is in the process of becoming a registered childminder, added:

‘It’s natural. I see breastfeeding my baby and my sister’s baby as part of motherhood — and sisterhood.

‘If Kim and Kourtney do decide to breastfeed each others babies, they won’t be the first and they definitely won’t be the last.’

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