What’s going on with Wizkid and Banky W’s label, EME? New analysis supports trouble [DETAILS]

by Chi Ibe


The relationship between Nigerian pop star, Ayo Wizkid Balogun and his record label, Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E.) has either gone up in flames or what is left of it is a ticking time bomb.

We reported on February 1 disturbing tweets from Wizkid that suggested trouble on the home front and although the details are vague, it appears clear now that Wizkid and EME executives Banky W and Segun Demuren are not in good terms.

The very next day for instance, Wizkid followed his previous day’s tweet by a retweet certain to send the rumour mill into overdrive:


The speculations have been months running. First, Wizkid fired his manager Osagie Osarenkhoeand hired long-time friend Godwin Tom in September 2012. Tom, it appears, had initially taken up the Wizkid project before Osarenkhoe facilitated the introduction to EME that changed his life.Wizkid was the only one happy about the change, but the label let him be.

Then, he signed an international management deal with UK based Disturbing London, run by rapper Tinie Tempah, with whom he has been working in the studio somewhere in the United Kingdom.

According to this NET report, it all came to a head when Wizkid moved out of the EME ‘mansion’ in Lagos and acquired his own home in Lekki Phase 1, and then bought his BMW X6 auto-mobile late last year – a move that a blogger’s report claims led to a “war of words” with his own mother. By this time, he had started flying solo; all decisions made by himself and his new manager.

Wizkid would turn up late to public appearances and Banky would spend the whole time apologizing. ‘They would always come separate to any gig. It looked like Wizzy and Godwin had formed their own team and didn’t need them Banky anymore‘, an inside source told this newspaper, Saturday.

Apparently, he also wasn’t seen at many of the rehearsals for EME’s December concert, and when he came the friction was apparent. .

‘But they all tried to suppress what was going on; only the in-house team knew the whole truth’.

Banky W, valliantly trying to re-assure fans, had said in an interview last week that the rumours of a rift are false, but as if in response, the ink was yet to dry on reports before Wizkid updated his Twitter profile – and EME/Konvict was gone.

According to the above report, many familiar with the situation say the problem is simple: (Wizkid) thinks he’s grown too big for the label and he’s suddenly forgotten where he’s coming from and the many sacrifices Osagie and Banky especially had to make to help him grow”.

February 15, Banky W will have his album concert. What Wizkid does, if Wizkid is in the vicinity – is sure to provide some clarity.

[This story has been updated].

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  1. well d percentage is too low EME U pple should try increas his percentage not 25 at list 45 is ok

  2. Oh don’t be stupid you dumb ass. I see YNaija linking to NET properly here. You cannot ‘copy’ news. Once it’s out, it’s out. Too many iignorant MOFOS walking around the planet

  3. It’s from @theNETng. Ynaija are shameless copy cats.

  4. This article seems like it was lifted from “thenetng.com” word for word although few of the paragraphs have been omitted from the original article and I did notice it was not by the same author or I wld have probably not said a word. I stand to be corrected if the reverse is the case or if both blogs are lifting off a press statement but surely words can be substituted or re-written so it dsnt cast a bad impression of laziness on the writer’s part.

  5. Wizzy leavind EME isn’t d best option for him, he might be influenced by frnds, he sud try n make use of his medular to korrect tins up. He sud luk where he was coming frm. For Banky, I bliv he is a matured man, he sud resolved it amicably. I like dem all EME eeee.

  6. hmmm. for wiz kid. hes just a young man and i think we all should know that money and fame can get into we humans head, thats inevitable and only a few people with a comfortable background will overlook fame and more cash inflow, the question we should ask is that has anybody in wiz kids family been this successful? if the answer is No, then there is no way he wont mess up, commmon, the guy rolls with yahoo boys, governor sons and the legitimate people pay his friends money for him to come around ,and they party like crazy to impress him and have him around, that guy is having the fun of his life,banky is obviously handling this in a matured way by claiming the rumor is false, hes actually not weak and let him not deceive us all, hes angry and will be unconsciously wishing wizy bad,thinking when wizzy messes up he will come back to hissenses, be wise banky,thats your product,if wiz kid fails, then you are a failure too, banky should just try and resolve this,if its money issue, they should renegotiate, if its about banky’s people trying to bully the young man, wizy should just make their relationship official and the social aspect should drastically reduce, they will both fail if they split,

    1. but olamide did not came out from a rich background and he make is fame and money

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