Who was the weakest link in Style Plus & Trybesmen? See this week’s entertainment update

by UpNepa (Nigerian Entertainment Police Authority)

Two heads are better than one, people say. Efforts propelled by more than one person usually go further. It makes us wonder if that is the reason why many people form music groups rather pursue solo careers.

We salute every music group that has made its mark on the Nigerian music scene. This week we will listing them and also identify the strongest and weakest links in the group. This is strictly a function of our personal preference!

#musicgroups: Remedies – Eddie was the strongest link and Tony the weakest. Amazing how achievements said otherwise.

#musicgroups: Maintain – Olu seemed like the stronger link of the two. Or was it three? Bamo was an excellent manager though.

#musicgroups: Trybesmen – Ol boy, Trybesmen didn’t have a weak link o, but it seemed like Eldee did a little more.

#musicgroups: Oreintal Brothers International – F. Dan. Satch Okpara was clearly the strongest link and band leader

#musicgroups: Plantation boys – Another case of an even distribution of talent. No weak link, but Black clearly was a great group pilot.

#musicgroups: KC Presh – Both were quite weak, KC being the weaker of the two. The strongest link and third silent member was KC’s brothers cash.

#musicgroups: Styleplus – Tunde was the strongest because it looked like his voice was the groups signature. He also did a lot more writing than Sheffi and Zeal

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Comments (4)

  1. I am ok wit all respons but i ne ver had tine 2 watch dem live

  2. Hmmm…. Lorenzo has a point sha

  3. I think Amara is right, Shifi has the Styl-Plus signature voice… I agree with the top six but not with Styl-Plus, I have been with them and know that Tunde has the finest voice but talk about the most technical singer there you talk of Shifi. Shifi also writes almost all the songs they record except one or two… Zeal has the high-pitch and the best stage performance and presence. With these you can say that Shifi is the strongest link and none is the weakest link

  4. In styl-plus, i personally think its Sheffi's voice that's their signature.

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