Why we should be concerned that Greece is leaving African migrants at sea

Greece and Turkey

Over 1000 African migrants were set to sail on Greece’s water territory on inflatable life rafts and abandoned by Greek authorities. Reports also have it that there have been other instances in the past where migrants have been forcefully expelled from Greece. According to The New York Times, there have been at least 31 different incidents of these expulsions in the past few months. The Guardian also reported last month that Greece was gearing up to handle an increase of migrants from Turkey after the country arrested six smugglers.

Like many nationals, it is not strange for Greece to feel threatened with the presence of other foreign nationals in their country, but many are questioning the breach of human rights as it relates to the affected African migrants whose fate is left in the sea.

On social media, Africans are reacting angrily to the news with many seeking the attention of world leaders to the disturbing incidence. Interestingly, similar instances played out in the recently recorded Lebanon explosion. While many were left stranded in Beirut, it took vigorous attention drawn to some leaders in aiding the safe return of their citizens in other countries.

People are debating the reasons why Greece have carried out this cruel action on the African migrants. For some people, it is tied to the commotion that has existed between Turkey, The European Union (EU), and Greece. The Greeks have stressed that since immigration rocketed from Turkey, crime has increased and a lot of these crimes are perpetrated by the foreign nationals which is a narrative that fits the playbook of most countries who blame other countries for actions done on their land.

One of these immigrants thrown into the open sea could be Nigerian, and it’s thus imperative for the Nigerian government to intervene. The legality of their migration to Greece may be debatable, but it is also essential to rehash that there are laws that punish illegal migrants, none of which involves the extremity that Greece is dishing out to them.

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  1. Let us begin to master the discipline of accepting people and their culture for their respective realities. We’ve had 400+ years of evidence that the culture of white supremacy is no friend or brings comfort to people of color anywhere in the world. Yet, we act as if we’re shocked every time the police, a european country or a random racist individual brings harm to one of our people. I’ve grown tired of the protests and outrage. Both are ineffective in mitigating the impact/effect that colonialism and institutional racism has had on our people. it’s time for a new strategy and a new way forward.

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