YNaija Tinsel Weekly Review: DEC 12 -DEC 16

By Joy Ehonwa

This week ended with Amaka getting arrested yet again, and this time it appears to be for real. Earlier, Detective Sankey’s trick was exposed, and we had hoped that the fight against the crafty Detective would bring Amaka and Angela closer together, but from the look of things, that’s not about to happen.

Amaka Okoh has a new lawyer and it isn’t Nero Mukoro. It’s Eddie Eduma, the lawyer who defended Angela when she stood trial for Reginald’s murder. Angela didn’t take the news kindly. She erroneously assumed that Amaka hired him to deprive her of his services if the case goes to trial.

Now that Angela’s precious job is at stake, she more than anyone else wants the whole mess to go away.  Unfortunately, Sankey’s doctors have asserted that Angela could not possibly have been driving with her broken foot, giving Sankey grounds to legitimately arrest Amaka.  Meanwhile, is anyone else wondering why Nero was so eager to become Amaka’s lawyer, and now is refusing to be Angela’s lawyer?

In other news, Odyssey got the distribution rights to Audience of One! Reel Studios wanted it, but it’s a good thing Kwame got it; it wouldn’t have been right otherwise. Tare and Telema will realise this when it eventually comes out that Kwame was the one who secretly sponsored the movie.

We hope that the mood we last saw Laide and Sheila in, laughing and enjoying Laide’s chocolate rum cake, will last. All week we saw Sheila vacillate between trusting and distrusting Laide- one minute she’s promising to put aside her suspicions and treat Laide better, the next she’s accusing her of leading Fred to propose to her. Now that Freddie is home and they are hiding him from Fred, these two will really need to work together.

At Reel Studios, a drunken Phillip locked Chris Okereke up in his office, preventing him from being at the screening of the Harmattan Diaries. Chris has promised to sue Phillip for kidnapping him.

Drama Overload.

Shalewa isn’t taking her mother’s advice to aim higher than the son of a drummer; she’s still calling Tokunbo. Twice he tried to reveal his true identity, but they were interrupted.

Even after disrupting rehearsals at Reel Studios and having to kneel before her amused cousin Phillip to beg forgiveness, Shalewa was still more interested in going to Reel than in learning about Artiste Management. She was excited to meet Telema ‘Duk-ay’, but she lost her patience with a difficult client of her father’s. She got mad at the artiste, and now her father is mad at her.

None of this can stop Titi from trying to secure a firm place for Shalewa in the “Ade-Williams dynasty”.  She has offered to let a reluctant Shalewa babysit Freddie, who has chicken-pox or measles, depending on who you’re listening to. Shalewa is, after all, an Ade-Williams, and soon she will be a celebrity’s girlfriend.

The result of all that can only be – more twists and turns. Our fingers are crossed! See you next week.

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