“I slapped her and she came to beg!” – Is Bishop Oyedepo bragging about the ‘witch slap’?

Just days after a YouTube video showing the general overseer of the Living Faith Church (aka Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, slap a female church member during a deliverance service went viral and sparked a global outrage, another YouTube video has emerged.

Despite social media protestations by adherents that he apologised for the incident, this video in fact shows the minister bragging to his congregation that the young female ‘witch’ he slapped returned to beg him for forgiveness.

“I slapped a witch here last year, do you remember? The witch came back in February to come and apologise! To beg me to please forgive her,” he announced boisterously as he walked round the auditorium of the 50-thousand seater Winners Chapel, buoyed by approving shouts from the congregation. Holding on to a member for effect, he continued: “She went back to her witchcraft company and they told her ‘Ahhhh if the man says you’re dead, you’re dead'”

For emphasis, he added: “The witch came back… that’s after slapping her o!”

See the video here:

On the Facebook timeline of popular blogger Kayode Ogundamisi, who popularised this video tonight, the debate is already raging:

Allen Ogedengbe :  Mr Ogundamisi, how bad can it get for this man? Physically assaulted a minor (?), then confessed to it…Lawyers should be falling over themselves for this case…It gets harder and harder to spin this in good light…maybe something like spare the slap and spoil the maid?

Ade Thomas: Somebody said he probably beats his wife at home, we can see the signs!

Monday Midnite : Who’s worse off, Oyedepo or the fools cheering for the fear mongering idiot?

Benjamin Alozie:  In this video you will see and hear the same pastor bragging about how he slapped a young girl he openly accused of being a witch right in front of members of his congregation. It is unfortunate that all sorts of crimes are now openly committed under the name of religion by pastors, while even the justice system in the country and the government looks the other way. The sad part is that pastors are beginning to play mini gods ascribing undue powers and rights to themselves. One wonders how this practice is so much different from the barbaric practices we see in places like Iran. What next if christian pastors now have the right to openly punish fellow private citizens in Nigeria and go free. Just saying

On YouTube, the debate is not any less aggressive as some pro-Oyedepo campaigners were on ground to share their opinions.

MrNyasha64  : Some peeps leaving comments here are silly, When you see real faith @ work, manifestation of the sons of God @ work, you go about yelling and screaming, not minding the most important issues of your life! Most of u ranting over here have bugging issues that God needs to touch ooo, u won’t face it, u prefer to criticize and get a biblical generational curse. If u need an answer to this, go and ask/question Prophet Elijah in the bible for calling fire down on the people. JOBLESS IDIOTS!

@sacomms replied immediately:  I guess David Oyedepo could as well have set the girl on fire and that too would have been fine with you, huh ?

seenjoyagain : I wish you all could and understand where Bishop Oyedepo is coming from. If he said he slapped a girl, he has his reasons for doing that and I really do not see anything wrong in what he did bcos he is standing in place for God in what he’s doing. So if you don’t have a good understanding of what happened, please do not comment on this before something else happen to you.

As the debate gets hotter, some Nigerians have set up an online petition against the bishop fondly called ‘Papa’ by members on http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bishop-david-oyedepo-slaps-a-girl-in-church/  .

On Nairaland Cyberjaya announced: I signed the petition “BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO SLAPS A GIRL IN CHURCH!”!

I just visited www.ipetitions.com and signed an important petition. I really care about this cause and hope you’ll show your support for it.

Kayode Olu:  It is a matter btw God & Bishop,people should have rest this matter into the hand of God. Flesh can rule at times but that doesn’t require diff assaulted words to the extent that one may sin. Pls is it a crime for someone that prayed for blessings & God blessed?

This is not going to end anytime soon. What do you think? Is this victory of a Bishop over a witch from the Devil?



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  2. Although i believe we need to give David Oyedepo a break as he is a member of the same body of Christ as we all are, i obviously disagree with his actions. But like you and i, he's just a human being still struggling with all the impulses from this weak mortal body, being transformed daily into the image of Christ.

    Although, i can judge his actions as wrong, i can't judge his heart- Only God sees that. Let's all pray for Him as He is our brother and pray God helps his ministry to grow from glory to glory for the glory of God.

    Remember it may be you in his shows someday. All christians are called to minstry according to the Bible so do unto others what you want to be done unto you.

  3. Many of us christians see A̶̲̥̅ lot of things going wrong i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ τ̣̣ђё church and ωε‎ overlook them based on sentiments. Would advise U̶̲̥̅̊ study τ̣̣ђё video before U̶̲̥̅̊ comment again. A̶̲̥̅̊m̶̲̥̅̊ sure she came out herself and she wasn't forced. She ωαѕ trying †• Explain herself ßυ̲̣̥τ nt. Givn enof chance. Frm her accent she doesn't speak gud english. What if. She ȋ̝̊̅§ sayn "wish" for Jesus i.e †• Accept Jesus ȋ̝̊̅§ what she wished for. Who knws? And if she ȋ̝̊̅§ actually A̶̲̥̅ witch. Y didn't he deliver ßυ̲̣̥τ rather cast her into hell… What will Jesus D̶̲̥̅̊☺̣̣̥̇?

  4. How can a man slap a minor in the open and he is not cautioned? Whoever or whatever he may be! All those members defending this act only goes to prove one thing,the church(man made)is in trouble seriously!But the Church of God is still marching on. The Bishop is a human being and he is not infallable,he is prone to mistakes abeg and in this case he blew it big time,the best of men are still m en at their very best please,only God is perfect and beyond mistake. And they have come up with all kinds of scriptures to back this negative act up?If I may ask,how many people did Jesus slap in the course of his ministering?Especially to those who were possessed or sick? How many? None and yet the bible says he went about with compassion doing good and healing all who were possesed and sick. I cant understand how these wicked people can support this wrong act? Yes you must be wicked memebers who hate the Bishop and do not want to offend him with the truth! Oga you missed it big time! If you doubt me take a trip to the USA or the UK and do a repeat performance on a minor in the presence of all and lets see if you will not be locked up permanently,anointing or not! Just try it and lets see what happens. We are still debating this because this is a lwwaless society,Nigeria is lawless Period!

  5. Usen,it is obvious u have gotten it twisted. If the Bishop is so full of anointing and what he has done is actually right,i suggest he should go to the UK and repeat the same performance on a minor,in the open he should slap her like he did and lets see if he does not spend time in jail> U can talk this way because this is a lawless country,Period. How many witches did Jesus slap? Even the demoniac,the Gaderene was not slapped instead he calmly cast out the devil out of love and compassion. Where is the love for the oppressed and sinners if we go about slapping people just like that. You better face it,the best of men are still men at their very best! The man may be called of God but he never should have slapped that girl.

  6. First we need to know the definition of deliverance. Deliverance doesn't have any particular format. The Bible says the Kingdom of GOD suffers voilent and the voilent take it by force. I know people may have different interpretation of this scipture but when you are doing spiritual warfare, you need to be voilent. Some demons will leave only when u go voilent. e.g by slapping as the Bishop did. Sister me and you can't deny the fact that the power of the gospel now is in Africa.You need to witness a deliverance service. GOD BLESS U

  7. i do not blame all those that talk without understanding.some can call a man of God any name bcos they are blind to God Himself.some are even willing to give all their might to fight for Gay right,its all the same, working for the devil by condemning God and His Children. watch it b4 u turn to a tool in the hand of the devil

  8. Bishop has been a pastor for many years standing. The Lord has used him to deliver so many people in diverse ways; nobody is talking about that. He is a man led by the holy spirit. If slapping the girl was a means of delivering her from demonic oppression, is the lady not better off? Read the Bible and you will notice that Jesus used varied methods in ministering deliverances to the people. Let me conclude by stating that the Bishop is the father of the congregation. Every good father will discipline their erring children. I sometimes flog my biological children when the need arises. The 'castigators' may wish to start their legal actions from me. Pls read 2 Chronicles 20:20.

  9. @frankky #gbam!! U pipo!!!continue scrambling after prosperity n relegating salvation 2 d bk grnd u hear?dig deep 4 urselves wo!!!D bible says "my pple perish 4 lack ov knowlede" ds 'men of God' r equally humans they interprete 2 their own understanding n hw it so suites dm nt xactly d way it is…ignorance is no excuse on d day ov judgement wo!Na each man 4 himself-Hian!!

  10. do you people remember the the girls burnt by reverend king? how did it get to that stage it started from slapping to flogging to burning and killing

    whether you like or not the time have long moved on from bible days Herod could order the death of all the first born in a country can you try that today

    do you know that the way God structured the new testament fellowship is totally different from the old testament

    1. the presence of God is no longer in the temple, he lives in us hence no need for Levits,and payment of tithes (one of the 300 plus laws of Moses long abolished) but you will never be told that in the religious organisations referred to today as church Jesus didn't pay tithe and never asked his disciples to, none of the first churches in the bible paid tithes (the truth is actually the presence of God stays in people that believe in Jesus and in them and not a building)

    2. they have now dug up a scripture that meant to express that Jesus was the first fruit to raise from the dead in the manar of the first fruit offering in the old testament to mean that you should give all your January earnings to the church

    3. they use this money and build expensive schools that 70%of their own members can not afford that started a chain reaction in the hick of school fees in the country and they never or hardly give anything to their member even the ones in need what you will here is that the church is not a charity organisation

    4. what am saying is there is a thine line between religious brainwashing premised on the bible and Christianity and Adam Smith is right when he wrote that their is a Scot man in every man the bible said you should not be tossed to and fro by every wave of doctrine . question where or who does doctrine emanate.

    that's why the bible said sturdy to show your "self" approved a workman rightly dividing (interpreting) the word

    if you let man to always define God for you then you are in bigger trouble than you know (you stand the risk of him framing your perception of God to his benefit)

  11. Interesting comments here mehn! I'm sure tongues raised when "Jesus Himself FLOGGED those selling in the temple"! It'd surprise you all what you would do to a self-confessed withch that appears in your abode. LoL! Guys, give your attention to more important things!

  12. Would Jesus do this. Are you saying is ok to slap the lady, and no one should say anything. When would it ok to say something, when a pastor shoot someone, or maybe when he slaps you in public. when something is wrong you say it's wrong otherwise, you not a free person and a follower of man.

  13. The i-petition people just wants publicity and wants to make money through you guys. Don't be foolish! I know that would trigger them to anger! I'm not sorry I made that insinuation! Paddle you canoe, guys. Let the girl take a legal action if she wishes!

  14. So many comments… as if you are all saints. If we explore the "misdeeds" of some of the jibers here, court cases would surge. Before"Bishope's" condemners would nail me, I have not said I support what he did. But please "talkers", I don't know why you all should bear this burden on your fore heads when the lady in question is right in her comfort zone without worries. First, remove the speck in your eyes. If she wants a legal action, let her initiate it.

  15. All i can say is Lord have mercy on the people talking against your servant. The bible asks a good question:who are you to judge another mans servant. To His master he is justified or condemed. My 9ja brethren dont add problems to the ones you already have. He is a servant of God . Let God judge the way He deems fit.Dont incure divine wrath for careless talk .A word is enough for the wise!

  16. its not Bishop Oyedepo's slapping of a young girl that bothers me, its his members who see nothing wrong with a Man of God slapping a minor in the church and in front of the whole wold. Its sad, it shows you all don't love the Bishop. It means if by any chance the Bishop makes another mistake, instead of helping him , you will excuse it as 'people not understanding the spirit'. The bishop is human, he can make mistakes. while i don't support abusing him, its sad that his own members have shown they cant be relied upon to help him if he errs.

  17. I honestly have come to realise that some people will die daft,how would you in your right mind swear @ a man of God if you are not a tool of the devil yourself?
    If a self confessed witch blasphemes by calling herself witch for jesus christ,what does she deserve?I bet if it was in ur neighbourhood most of ya'll wulda metted out jungle justice by setting her ablaze,and you all come here to say lawyers should take it up?go to the streets with placards yourselves to protest against him…and receive Gods judgement directly…pray for forgiveness for your blasphemes.

  18. People are just basically beefing and jealous ,and dis is a perfect oppurtunity to express their grieviances…..and may d Lord forgive u "ynaija"

  19. I guess U̶̲̥̅̊ all know ∂ definition of A̶̲̥̅ "witch". Do U̶̲̥̅̊ know if U̶̲̥̅̊ were ∂ next on line in her agenda bfore papa silented her mouth with A̶̲̥̅ slap.I will only advice those with silly comments 2 watch their evil thoughts & mouth, so the wrath of God won't come upon them & their households. Prophet re spiritual territorial commanders…so beware!!!

  20. If any of U that has spoken against the slap of either a girl or witch is a Believer, am afraid u have to ask 4 forgiveness or insight and understanding into spiritual tins and manifestation's, or better still just shut ur mouth up! B4 u bring urself under judgement,
    Then 4 the unbeliever just get born again! 4 the moralist I do not understand the big deal? Or is he not old enough to be her father?
    Then 4 those of U that wanna push it further the Bible says suffer not a witch to leave! Either as a witch or as a girl she is not above slap! U can 08033680741 me. So I can sensitize u on certain things!

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