YNaija Tinsel weekly review: There's a new couple in town!

by  Joy Ehonwa

It’s easier to die when you have nothing to live for. The Amaka we saw this week is very different from the childless widow who, perched on her hospital bed, fresh out of the Sunom Idibia fiasco, said emphatically to her lawyer, “I’ve made up my mind. I will tell the truth and face the consequences.”

“…where on earth is Angela? She practically broke up with her father…”



Less than a year later she’s fighting tooth and nail to conceal the truth. We can’t exactly blame her; she now has an unborn baby, a new job she enjoys and the love of a good man. There’s simply too much to lose.
Still, she took Nero’s advice and agreed to confess to Mrs Etuk. Too bad their discussion was interrupted by the ladies from the office. It was obvious from the start that their showing up at Amaka’s house without first telling her was unwise, good intentions or not.


Then, where on earth is Angela? She practically broke up with her father, telling him “it’s not working”. Then she mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind an empty house. Nero can’t reach her on her phone, and she’s on leave of absence at work -Tega (Tega!) filling in for her. Could Dr. Ibrahim be hiding her?


When Sheila asked for Laide’s help with Fred, Laide appeared reluctant. Yet one doesn’t have to look too closely to see Laide is secretly enjoying Fred’s renewed passion for her. Her eyes seem to be saying to Sheila, “You may be married to him now, but look what we had.”


Still, Sheila should have mentioned that Laide did visit as promised – Fred is going to be livid when he finds out. He was actually on his way to see Laide when he had the accident. Sheila was not the only one hoping the accident would jolt his memory – we were thinking the same thing, but alas, the doctors told the Mrs., that was asking for too much. We’ve been watching too many, well, soaps.


Phillip returned with a bang this week and straight away started throwing his weight around. We’ve certainly missed the younger centre-of-the-universe Ade-Williams! Not that Sheila was having any of it – she cut him down to size immediately. Good thing he apologised and Sheila was quick to let it go. He had no such luck with Kwame: he was welcomed with a punch in the face.

Somebody say, amen.


In the absence of Chuks and Eneh, there’s a new couple in town!


Salewa has met the Titan she has been dying to meet, but she didn’t know it was him – so she calls him a “flash in the pan” to his face.  She introduced herself as Francesca, and refused to tell him her surname. Luckily he found her mother’s address in a book she left behind. He thinks she’s “funny in a cute way”, and we’re sure he’ll be showing up at Titi K’s door very soon.


Awkward movements, perhaps some better directing so that their reflexes are believable – but doesn’t young love just melt your heart?


I’ve got my eyes on those two!


See you next week.


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  1. Fred Fred! How many times did I call u? Get ur memory back and stop using it as an excuse to be a womanizer the n treating your poor wife anyhow!

  2. That Laide is a home breaker #thatsall!

  3. Hmmm.., that Shalewa love ehn…

cool good eh love2 cute confused notgood numb disgusting fail