YNaija Weekly Tinsel Review: “Can someone kill off Mrs Etuk already?” (Dec 26 – 30)

by Joy Ehonwa

Fred still wants Sheila gone as soon as the holidays are over, and she is convinced her marriage won’t survive this illness.

Sheila asked Freddy to go stay in his room, but Laide kept him in the sitting room – so there of course, Fred sees him. Everybody blamed Laide’s but we’re not complaining: about time they stopped hiding the boy! Of course we’re all aware of the “problems” this might cause. Fred has already started trying to calculate Freddy’s age and wondered how tall for his age he is. Freddy almost told Fred who Sheila really was, but Sheila saved the day. Laide didn’t help matters, putting her foot in her mouth by telling Fred “this is why we didn’t let him see you all this while.” Of course that upset him even more.

The quicker this all unravels the better, no?

Laide managed to get Fred to agree to Sheila’s being present at the family Christmas party. We’re still wondering, is Laide really who she appears to be? It’s all too good to be true. For one, she has shown two faces to Cosmos; the poor guy apparently couldn’t decide, and he handed in his resignation instead.

Fred finally asked the question that had been on his mind; what caused Monica’s death? But oh dear – of all people to ask, he had to ask poor Phillip. He was grateful to hear it wasn’t him who caused Monica’s death, but Phillip was much to be pitied as the conversation took him back to an awful place.

He didn’t get any comfort from Tare either. The tease, had been flirting with Phillip from the moment they met. She kept looking at him like he was a meal to be devoured and then surprised him by looking incredulous and recoiling when he leaned in to kiss her. Make up your mind, woman!

Titi’s mind is made up though.

After harassing Ziggy and Dan into letting Shalewa use the bar for her audition, Titi also got the phone numbers of Shalewa’s school mates and sent messages announcing the auditions via bulk sms. Shoshanna, (who is now played by a different actress) showed up at Titi’s home with her crew in tow. Their attempts to try to slide up to Shalewa in order to get into the band without meriting it failed. They will just have to audition like everyone else.

Small mercies.

And then there’s Varere’s pesky ghost. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain, that whoever put Varere’s body in the boot of that car killed him. Why does Soji keep shaking like a jellyfish?  He has drawn attention to himself by rough-handling Bimpe and trying to force more information out of her – she in turn has told Telema that Soji is the killer.

Which all sends Telema back to the self-absorbed darling we used to know.

Ms Superstar struggles with this information, and then decided that leaving a note and disappearing on the very day she was supposed to resume work on a new movie, was the solution to her problems. Now that the evil journalist from Tinseltown magazine Harriet overheard Dan and Tare talking about Telema being “missing”, our dear Miss Duke will grace the headlines again for sure.

Speaking of evil, someone should kill off Mrs. Etuk already, please? She insisted on exhuming Sunom’s corpse, and finally got approval. When it came time for Amaka to identify the body, she fainted. What if it wasn’t Sunom’s body? What if Amaka loses the baby? What if Sankey makes good on her threat to slap Mrs. Etuk?

See you next week!

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