Zoning in: Top 10 (sexy) places your man can touch you to please you

by Krystle Crossman

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 Try having your partner run and ice cube up and down your inner thigh for an intense sensation.

You may think that you know where all of the erogenous zones on your body are, but there may be a few that you have no idea about. New research has shown that there are quite a few spots on the body that will drive you crazy. Here is a list of the top ten spots:

1. Clitoris: Everyone knows about this spot. It is the erogenous zone that is hit the most. With thousands of nerve endings bundled together, it is the most sensitive spot on your body.

2. Vagina: This is another common one that many know about. If you keep up with your Kegel exercises it can intensify the pleasure.

3. Mouth and Lips: You may not necessarily think of this as an erogenous zone, but haven’t you ever been turned on by a really good kiss? Alternate between soft kisses and a good hard make-out session to get things going.

4. Nape of your neck: This is a very sensitive spot with a lot of nerve endings, so any touch here can send shivers down your spine.

5. Breasts: When this zone is touched your body releases a chemical called oxytocin which heightens your mood.

6. Nipples: Another commonly known erogenous zone. There are many nerve endings here, but everyone has a different sensitivity and what they like so make sure you communicate with your partner about what you like or don’t like.

7. Inner thigh: There are many nerve endings in your inner thighs, but you may need a little more pressure on this spot. Try having your partner run and ice cube up and down your inner thigh for an intense sensation.

8. Back of your neck: Just like the nape there are many nerve endings here. You may want a little more pressure, so have your partner give you a nice massage starting at the shoulders and working his way up.

9. Ears: Many people like having their ears nibbled. Have your partner lick your ear and then gently blow on it for an intense feeling.

10. Lower back: Finally we have the lower back. Getting a quick massage here as part of f0replay can not only be sensual but it can relax the pelvis and make sex more enjoyable.


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