19-year old female activist ‘Amina’, who posted topless photos on Facebook threatened with death (PHOTOS)

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8 Responses

  1. nudayyah says:

    The World has come to an end, May God show U d way Amina.

  2. Hilary Agbo says:

    The best approach to Amina’s bare body activism is to ignore her. No one should stone her to death. If you ignore an action, it makes the person loose attention, so she ceases to propagate the acts further. However, harming her will draw relevance to her action and provoke more of such acts which more killings as purnishment would not stop. LET TRAGEDIES BE ABORTED. IGNORE AMINA. She will realise herself and may even apologise when she gains more mature mind. Please don’t touch her life. Don’t fight for her creator. God says “Judgement is mine”.

  3. Isaac says:

    Amina just go and pray for forgiveness coz u make many people to sin by lookin at dis pix.

    • Babalola steven onitolo says:

      Isaac,dat is d madness dat is bn glorify now adays,i just wonder wat dis young woman want 2 prove

  4. Isaac says:

    Amina just go and pray 4 forgiveness coz u make many people to sin by lookin at dis pix.

    • adams says:

      Allah gave you a trust & you betrayed the Almighty (I’m crying seeing a woman nicked)…. Pls. No one should touch her.. Let’s pray & say:
      Amina may Allah gives you what you deserves…! (Amin)

  5. Olakunle says:

    She should just Call✆ forgiVeness…..they shouldn’t kill her …….can some1 ping on this issue wԑ could talk better 2A444D20

  6. Babalola steven onitolo says:

    I wonder in wat name do we call dis half nudity,

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