ACN/CPC merger: Buhari may be asked to drop 2015 bid, Tunde Bakare sidelined

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4 Responses

  1. May Allah in his infinity mercy rescue us from PDP, ameen.

    • Ephraim Nyong says:

      PDP is certainly not our problem sir, but our mentality. Sorry to say sir.Think, think, think.My view point has always been that most Nigerians are experts when it comes to complaints and criticisms without taking the time to find out by research how things work or why things aren’t working; and often,when given the opportunity to serve we bungle things because we are ill prepared for such office, and we are not honest enough to decline a promotion to an office even when we know we are not qualified or that we lack the capacity to perform.Think, think, think honestly and then let me hear your adjusted opinion. Thank you sir.

  2. idoko A. A says:

    it is not all about PDP Almansur,why didn’t u pray 2 ur Allah when d PDP north were in power? But na dat d seat is ruling. Dat is our problem, we don’t see ourselve as one people

  3. idoko A. A says:

    hahaha…. D north (cpc) feel their last hope is 2 use d yorubars (ACN), 2 regain power. They Thought as it hapen in Nigeria civil war, it wil still be, I think d yorubars are wise na & know what they are doing. Bicos we have not 4gotten d numbers of yorubers dat where killed in d post election crises & bomb attack in d north. We were told by d hausas dat we are not brothers & cannot be. We have not 4gotten all these, Buhari most not 4get

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