“I’ve not forgiven Obasanjo and I will not forget what IBB did to me…” – Gen. Buhari opens up like never before

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  1. raymond says:

    hmmmm my general, i always see you like other northern leaders i witness there dictatorship as a young boy growing up,i thought all you were interested is looting our treasury just like the three former generals before 1998. i’m so sorry that i have that impression about you, but going by those crooks i mentioned and all they did with our economy and things we read on news peppers about cancelled lagos rail contract and paying more than half the original amount as damages and other misleading story i see you as just one of them. but after reading your interview today i think i believe in you and have my trust in you just like my elder brother who always tell me that is only you he sees as person who can tackle nigerian issue, you have my vote sir.

  2. potts says:

    Reading dis interview brought tears to my eyes,I don’t think there’s any such person as GMB in nigeria.if only our leaders could be dis honest and sincere my God am still in tears I hate when humans have to be bias for no just reason.anyone reading dis will be moved and except u’re not human.I have the utmost respect for GMB and wishing him God’s blessings now and always

  3. Hani says:

    hmmmm! God will be your strenght and sorry for the lost of your daughter may her soul rest in peace.

    • shehu umar says:

      Waw! My dear General Buhari! Very Truthful, firm, consistent, honest & humble! I admire these qualities in him. I doubt any living Nigerian president can grant an indebt, plain and sincere interview as he did! May Allah bless u forever! Amin!

    • shehu umar says:

      God bless GMB for his truthfulness, honesty and sincerity!

  4. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    Great interview. These are the kinds of things I read all my life to get into the minds of important players in Nigerian history and to understand the issues affecting the nation. Then I get pushed aside by people who specialize in what Tonto Dikeh is wearing when we’re discussing these issues because they must be the best in everything.

    These people (leaders) aren’t really yet ready to own up to the truth if it indicts them. However, with some cross-referencing from other people’s accounts, you begin to piece events together and understand the truth.


  5. Baturiya says:

    My General. May God continue to strengthen you. May He give you Long life.

  6. Enejo Sulei says:

    The heading of this Article is very misleading.

  7. Mannir lawali gusau says:

    We are suppoting our hero our father general mohammad buhari.

  8. Abbas G Idriss says:

    Nothing but the truth. Point blank not minding whose oars! Nigerians are not used to truth. Public officers said lies always to pleased their subjects. Well done General!

  9. Mannir lawal yabani says:

    We supporting our hero our father general mohammad buhari.

  10. Masi says:

    A retired Dictator still hungry for power? Can you remember how many families and careers you ruined or destroyed when you selfishly seized power from a democratly elected government? You don’t deserve to be an elected president in this country ever! A man loves blood letting like yourself cannot be “PRESIDENT” of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You murdered Democray and you now want to be a father to a child you killed? Think again?….

  11. Masi says:

    Remember Alh. ShEhu Shagari? Remember chief Melford Okilo, Remember Hon. Victor Masi? Remember all those men you and your kangaroo court tried and Jailed? You claimed they were corrupt but you were more corrupt! “Come take presidency make we see” smh…..

  12. Harrisu says:

    Sir, I have been one of your admirers since you led this country together with Idiagbon. Then for once we withnessed what discipline can do to a notion that are not disciplned. But with this interview those who think you are not worth to be follwed will know who you are and what are your principles. Sir, may God give you paradise. That is the only prayer you need now not to be president of a country that are not ready for change, who believe its only when your corrupt as a leader that you can command respect. God bless you.

  13. Lawan Yakubu says:

    GMB u ‘re a gud man n now u ‘re @70 Allah Ya kara maka kwanciyar hankali, lafiya, gaskiya da rikon amana. Zamu iya samun wani irin ka kuwa?

  14. Great Man you are Buhari. All your desires for Nigeria will surely manifest in this generation.

  15. Afam says:


  16. Nasiru Ahmad Adamu says:

    Baba Buhari for ever

  17. Mohammed Maikudi Usman says:

    what a great man of wholeness.

    • kings says:

      Contest GMB and I tell u as a south-southerner and as a Nigerian u will win!….before u start throwing stones @ him, check urselves, most of us accusing him will do worse in his shoes…why don’t we give him credits for his positivity (which surpasses his ills) and regard his negativity as his human flaws. Nigerians are behind u General!

  18. prince says:

    Truely,u re a man of valour….I respect you!

  19. peter odzie says:

    The truth remain that only few public officers declare thier as.ss ..if God took Yaradua ;he has kept you to finish it ..we appreciate the little culture ppl of ur time(regime) pass to us (queeing…..etc) ..oil sector will still work one day i belive ..even if play n loose you can still play from de touch line as a couch …

  20. gonsum chris says:

    The Nigerian civilian president that we may never have because of hi close relatnship with the masses. May u continue to fan the embers of oppositn pokitics until this country allows our votes to b counted.

  21. That is hausa fulani .The great GMB

  22. M. Nuruddeen says:

    How I wish General could have narrated why he decided to retired general Gusau to those that hate him as he narrated it to Nigerians in diaspora @ UK. Let us come back to reality and asked ourselves why the selfish Babangida overthrone the people’s General. Let Nigerians look at a well deserve person without Sentiments, sectionalism and religious bias. How i wish AIT will release the interviewed with general Buhari at UK some years back but I am not impress with the unprofessional way these press asked general.

    • buhari maliq says:

      May d Almighty Allah grant u paradise and d president of nija ever again wlh.stay bless sir.and may Zullaihatu’s gentle soul rest in perfect peace baba Buhari Father to d nation……my VOTE is 4 U all ma life.

  23. hussaini says:

    I can see why Nigeria is backward if even after understanding that GMB never seized power from Shagarii, but he was invited to head it, Masi still believs he took power bcos of the selfish interest of vis-a-vis his relative. Atleast Buhari was head of state! You might never be half of him if given two lifetimes.
    No wonder Nigeria remains messed-up.

  24. Maganin Makaryaci says:

    While I like this man for his INCORRUPTIBLE character, he has so many vices that tend to overshadow him:
    – Unforgiving
    – Religious bigot
    – Lack of true sportmanship

    Let’s praise him where it is right, and tell ourselves the truth about his vices.

  25. Omar says:

    GMB’s loss of elections is not a personal loss to him but a general loss to all honest & patriotic Nigerians. With the level of corruption we have in this country only a person with total abhorrence to it. We can decide to be sentimental and base our voting decisions on religion, region, tribe or some other base sentiments but the fact still remains that currently, there is no one like Buhari among those who offered themselves for election. Let those who invited him to head the country after they overthrew Shagari come out & dispute his claim. Let them tell us if they have oil wells. We are watching & praying for our dear country.

  26. Ibrahim Jibrin says:

    My Countrymen and women, Please,lets continue to pray to Allah to guide our leaders and get us out of this calamity. Leadership comes from Allah, He gives it to whoever He wishes.We the followers should also reappraise ourselves, morally, religiously and otherwise. wallahi, everybody knows his good and bad sides, we can judge ourselves before the day of Reckoning.

  27. Tayo Adebisi says:

    Dear GMB, With due respect, since Allah HIMSELF forgives and forgets, I strongly advise you forgive and forgets what your adversaries did wrong to you so that you can forge ahead.

  28. Olys says:

    HI Gen.You had missed this opportunity to clear yourself once again. I ‘d expected you really let out the cat by explaining vivdly the 2.8billion naira Oil cash,53 bags of suitcases, most importantly the longer jail terms of Southern politicians incarcerated (most of whom had died immediately after release afterall,what goes around comes around)far away in the North whilst their counterparts where merely under house arrest.Untill these points are sincerely explained you will never earn my vote as well my whole families and friends,am from a large family too just like you and in a position to sway votes locally and internationally! May the likes of you and your borther IBB “ethnic bigots” never smell the seat of power again. Go get Rtd Col. Abubarker Umar he is more honest than you do though Nigerias are so ethnically bias and gullible enough not to realise him intead praising you and are being decieved by your innocent look! I can assure you am matured enough during your tenure and can really differenciate,research and read meanings and all of that to your regime of terror coupled with hardship!

  29. @fEMIoWOLABI says:

    Soyinka’s Memoir, ‘You Must Set Forth at Dawn,’ actually sheds more light on this topic. But again, look at how Gen. Muhammadu Buhari answered the question of the 53 suitcases:

    Q: During your tenure, one case kept coming up: the 53 suitcases. You had ordered the border shut and your Aide de Camp (ADC), Major Jokolo, was alleged to have escorted 53 suitcases into the country. What happened? Why were you selective?

    A: There was nothing like 53 suitcases. What happened was that there was my chief of protocol; he is now late. He had three wives, and I think about 12 children. He was in Saudi Arabia as Nigeria Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He was in Libya before, as ambassador and later, he was posted to Saudi Arabia. And then, I appointed him as my chief of protocol and he was coming back. Three wives, about 12 children. And then, by some coincidence, the late Emir of Gwandu, the father of Jokolo, who was my ADC then, was coming back with the same flight. And somehow, some mischievous fellows, everything, including the handbag of maybe, their small daughters, were counted as suitcases. Atiku then was the Commandant of Murtala Muhammed Airport as customs officer. And that day, we were playing squash. Jokolo my ADC and I. At some point, I said to him, ‘Mustapha, is your father not coming back today again?’ He said, ‘yes, sir, he is coming.’  I said, ‘what are you doing here? Why can’t you go and meet your father?’ He said yes, sir. He went to wash and meet his father. I am telling you there was no 53 bags of suitcases. It was a bloody lie. It was a bloody mischief

    See full interview here http://www.ynaija.com/ive-not-forgiven-obasanjo-and-i-will-not-forget-what-ibb-did-to-me-gen-buhari-opens-up-like-never-before/

    Is this a joke? And you know, anytime Buhari is confronted with this, he is quick to send us back to ask Atiku who was the Custom Head at the MM Airport then. But, in the authorized biography of Atiku, ‘Atiku: The Story of Atiku Abubakar’ written by Onukaba Adiniyi-Ojo- It is stated that “..the story is how big men and women consider the observance of laid down procedure as something that is belittling. Soldiers who came to pick the suitcases were rude and crude and threatened Customs officers who had insisted on inspecting the suitcases.” Remember Atiku was later redeployed.

    In addition, if General Buhari is clean and honest as some media paint him today, why did he run away from the Oputa panel? As for the Oputa panel, no honest and reasonable person will run away from any law however mundane it is. Unfortunately for General Buhari he refused to appear before the Justice Oputa panel which was just a fact finding committee headed by an eminent jurist like Justice Oputa.
    These things disturb me when it is obvious that Nigerians have started this sympathy donation to Buhari for 2015 presidency, just like they did when the shoeless story swept their reasoning away in 2011 elections.

  30. Lorny Yaq'ub says:

    Yes General and we are with you as we are sure that God is with patient. And I will also say this to you General that; Ten more men ‘like you’ sir who can speak earnestly with love and fear of God can change the course of Nigeria! And until the people ‘I mean all the people'(North,East, South &West) come together as one, to understand and respect our differences and that the aim is to Unite and move Nigeria forward to develop and rise,raise her above all-Men without difference of the tribe,region or religion;Nigeria would only be falling. Yet the ‘Leaders’ except those that led Nigeria at the post-Independence era with love and integrity, so called themselves “Good men” to deceive the people by leading them, have proven themselves and to us ! Time without number ! That they aren’t competent and therefore “Not Good Enough”.

  31. don fuso says:

    I don’t have time for all this gramer, u re a hero of ur time nd I believe in u…u have my vote gen.

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