“It’s not even been a year, and you want to leave already?” – A quick letter to Aunty Ngozi

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7 Responses

  1. young mama says:

    lolz hilarious! Hope aunty ngo sees this at least the part 3. thanks kola.

  2. Nike says:

    Great piece and style! I agree with you my broda, the reasons you state are very true, but alas, Aunty Ngozi has been bitten with the rush to see this thru and I daresay she may begin to believe all she is told and miss out on some of the issues you highlight. Still, great to have someone tell it like it is

  3. lanlokun says:

    Wow terrific piece I must confess Kola.but seriously is she ripe enough?aunty ngo that prepared a scam 2012 budget ña I don’t thik so.on the other hand I think d BRICS has endorsed her and they will want 2 flex their muscles.

  4. Ronke Kosoko says:

    If Nigerians want NOI to stay, then they should support her policies and stop abusing her at every slightest opportunity. Nigerians need to appreciate their talents more than we presently do. If we had all given her more support than criticisms probably, she won’t consider going back. Her victory at the World Bank will however obviously address the effects of the Washington Consensus on LDCs to which Nigeria belong especially in trade and investments and the “dependent development” models in LDCs but Nigeria will be losing another opportunity towards real development with her second exit.

    • Sojourner says:

      Mdm Kosoko, any and every leader should be ready to be criticized and ridiculed for his/her policies … hence the need to think out policies before rolling them out … are you asking she should be given special treatment because she is special?

      democracy make dem crazy …

  5. Bukky says:

    This is so hilarious… I hope aunty reads this and have a second thought about being the WB president.Nice Article

  6. Tunde says:

    So,Mr. Kola Afolayan, with your “previous extensive international development, policy and legal experiences…” you believe that Obama winning a 2nd term is more beneficial to Africans than Iweala winning the world bank presidency?Since you queried the impact of Iweala’s previous roles at the World Bank on the lives of Africans,may I also ask you that how has Obama’s first term as US President has impacted your personal life or that of 150 million Nigerians. Apart from sharing the same skin colour with you,what significant value has the Obama Presidency adde to you? It is only in this country that we fail to celebrate our own. You’ll rather deify an Obama who has his own immense domestic challenges than appreciate one of your own.So,u’ve suddenly realised Nigeria needs Iweala badly?I thought your fellow critics have said she’s added no value to the country,hence she can leave. I really wonder what exactly you guys want.

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