YNaija Editorial: “No one” is YNaija Person of the Year 2011 … Let’s tell you why

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6 Responses

  1. Dipo Mohammed says:

    I believe this decision is wise. This year, i have had cause for concern at the nominees and eventual winners of “man of the year” award through different platforms. It seem to me that our concentration on coming to conclusions of those who win these prizes are not very objective. besides, there are always no clear explanations for the average nigerian who hasn’t followed the works of such people through the year on how his welfare has been affected. sincerely, i agree with your decision.

  2. pwinces says:

    I support this decision totally…

  3. Chi ibe says:

    I wondered when I saw failure, sorry Jonathan on the list but I respet the analysis and of course heavy a sigh of relief he didn’t win.

  4. Deola says:

    Thank you YNaija. Very sensible.

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