“Nollywood is dead,” declares Emeka Ike, the ‘Ezekwesili of Anambra State’

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  1. Emeka may be right but his tone betrays him.Let African- China ask dat question again–How much longer b4r Nigeria realises dat we no know where we dey gooo!

  2. David Nnaji says:

    …the headline is a FACT we know, but hate to hear.
    Aside the police issue, or court cases, I cannot claim innocence to what Mr. Ike posits.
    In a bid to “structure” properly our dear film industry, we have actually murdered it and the cause is not just ignorance but greed too!

    The influence of foreign companies and practitioners are good so long as we are ready to do business according to the best standard practice worldwide.
    Our Film and TV content producers are losing money daily because their products are literally worthless as they gross a paltry 500 dollars US to acquire on the average in Africa. Literally nothing outside!

    How can these producers pay Asheley Nwosu, Enebeli Enebuwa, Pete Ene, Ngozi Nwosu,Segun Arinze, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Emeka Ike talk more of the young ones like us?
    A few have since struggled and with some success too, ala kunle Afolayan, Chineze Anyaene etc For Christsake,too few for a great nation like us with all the right indices for the whole art -inclined industry to succeed.

    If those marketers mentioned and other teething problems where more skillfully managed the story will have been different.

    Today, what is the income of the highest grossing TV/Film stars in this so-big collaborative movies, series, soaps or Tele-novellas, many serious minds will laugh.
    Mr. Ike has come out to also lend his voice to a problem caused by all practitioners before now.

    Now is the time to stop pointing fingers.
    The era of using cheap makeup, fake sunglasses and useless accents to decieve ourselves should be over.

    We must take the salient words of our musical maestro King Sunny Ade to heart, “…Nigeria is our own, it must not spoil…let’s join hands together and make it better…”

  3. okpe peter says:

    Nollywood shd. Remember D̶̲̥̅̊♠t̶̲̥̅̊ ghana and south africa are trying to erase their past records in the industry’s. the shd come back home and be the nollywood we use to knw bfor

  4. ishaya_gabriel says:

    Its an abosolute fact.

  5. KELVIN.NWATU says:


  6. Drino Age says:

    Thanks Mr Emeka Ike, for standing on ur words, am really proud of u, if we can be truthful to our self’s together we can restore the dignity of nollywood.

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