Opinion: What does Dokubo-Asari really want?

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  • tilewa

    Dear President Jonathan, pls re-consider these pipeline contracts to these “ex”-militants.

  • Oge

    Abeg this Asari should shut his dirty trap! If Nigeria was a saner country, he would never have been heard of. Imagine him making demands where he has absolutely NO rights whatsoever… Mtschewww!

  • idoko A. A

    Dokubo most know dat any right tin done in wrong way bicom wrong. His corrent fight has shown dat his position & organization of DPVF is 4 selfish interest. Dat, wil not fech Dokubo good name which is better dan riches

  • H.P

    Asari Dokubor is sheer opportunist, a confused and frustrated man. He is a blackmailer and a hypocrite. No amount of his blackmail on the president will help him (Dokubor).