Opinion: Yes, the Woolwich beheaders are Nigerians

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4 Responses

  1. Very well analysed! My point of view exactly!

  2. ebi says:

    If majority of people believe dat Leaders are made and not born, why is it difficult for them to believe that criminals and terrorist are made too?? It has nothing to do with who ur great great grandfather was!!
    Its really annoying dat all we get to hear is they are British Citizens, US citizens until when they commit a crime, they’ll start talking about their descendants and forefathers whom some of them had never associated with.
    Really Really Nice write up, thanks.

  3. Pepstar says:

    Nice write-up, i agree wit u! He is a nigerian no-matter what. For me we parents are d cause of the problem, 2much right are being givin to the children if not hw can ur child change religion and u wil be hapi. U dnt spend time wit ur children, til we solve dis there wil still be problem.

  4. These folks re britons with only nigerian ancestry…if u wanna tag them nigerians then we should all blacks in europe africans

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