We need names, sir: “Not all policians are bad” – Tony Anenih declares

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2 Responses

  1. U.S Samuel. says:

    Requesting for the input of the briliant is a welcome deveelopment.But will u work with their input?

  2. U.S Samuel. says:

    I aggree with Tony Anenih that not all politicians are bad, but is he among the good ones? I ascess from his past records as chairman board of Trustee PDP when election ringing was the the order of the day. His popular name then was mr fix it.Even in the days of NPN.His election Ringing brought Ogbemudia as Gov.of Bendel state and other places. Under PDP,his ringing brougth Igbinedion and Osunbor as Gov of Edo state and other places.It is amazinng that GOD grant him such potentials, but it is sad that he choose to use it to the detriment of the majority of the people he is surpose to lead.But can he make a change now and do it right because many including me still believe in him and GOD ALMIGHTY is watching.

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