10 Nigerian music videos that will leave you hot and bothered

by Ayomide Tayo & Bukunmi Hafiz


Music videos in Nigeria are no longer for toddlers. Music directors are getting very expressive and are coming up with highly sexual content that their  predecessors wouldn’t even dare. Gone are the days when a director would show use a close up of two pairs of legs entangled to indicate sex was going on. Directors are now giving us full lip action, side boob glory, butt cracks and all that jazz. Today we’ve listed the top 10 videos that can make you hot and bothered. Don’t blame us if after watching these videos you are yearning for the weather for two. Winks. 

10. Dipp ft Yemi Alade – Rock your body

This mellow tune depicts phone sex between lovers who miss each other. From the phone call to the suggestive first line to the silhouette scenes with a quite fit and buff Dipp and the overtly sexy Yemi Alade yearning and half touching would make you wish you could replace either side and go all the way. *wink* Director – Paul Gambit

9. Timaya – Bum Bum

The title says it all. Bum bum was everywhere and it got banned by NBC sure enough. The girls in this video were well oiled and endowed there making a/your heart skip beats with ever bouncing movement they made. Director – Clarence Peters

8.Susie – My body

Susie is  an unpopular name in the industry but when she dropped this video years back it made rounds as a very daring move by a female act. She is practically naked in the video with only her hair covering some parts of her breasts and her lower bod blurred out singing about how much she needs her lover. This video is a proper tease as you can see the succulent body but can’t touch. Director – Clarence Peters

7.Maheeda – Naija Bad Girl

Maheeda is notorious for sharing nude pictures of herself on her instagram page and our hearts and flys went pow! when we heard she was dropping an x-rated video for her song. Fully naked in this video she leaves little to the imagination as she sprouts her stuff even with four dudes around her. Director – Frizzle and Bizzle

6. Dpzle – Gorikwa

Scantily dressed wet women twerking and twerking and more booty twerking! O Lordy Lordy! Dpzle sings on a crunchy bumpy beat produced by Admire Beatz while the girls are just washing themselves instead of the car.  I’m pretty sure this video will be banned by NBC. Directer – Paul Gambit

5. Banky W- Follow You Go (Sisi Eko)

In usual Mr. W fashion, ‘Follow You Go’ is a tasty treat on the art of foreplay. The video features ex-MBGN and rapper Muna, Goldie (R.I.P) and actress Beverly Naya. Banky W gets steamy with all three ladies, caressing thighs, neck kissing, whispering, stroking and all those subtle touches that leads to the main event. ‘Follow You Go’ is one helluva a big tease music video. Director- Kemi Adetiba 

4. Iyanya- Head Swell

Iyanya might not admit that he is a sex symbol but with his plenty tattoos and chiseled frame he might just be a gladiator during the Roman Era servicing his Domina. In ‘Head Swell’ which is an internet only video, Iyanya is in a hotel room with two thick Ebony daughters of Eve. Threesome, menage-a-trois, whatever you want to call it, major grinding and twerking action goes down. The fully loaded babes show their selling points in soft-porn style and display a few sex positions in the process. The most surprising thing in this vid is how Iyanya manages not to remove his shirt the entire time. Oh yeah ‘Head Swell’ is a metaphor for something else. Director- Moe Musa. 

3. Durella- Club Rock

After a hiatus from the game, Durella stepped out with his humourous and simple song called ‘Club Rock’. The song features Durella at his best, simple and nonsensical lines delivered with charming effect. The video of ‘Club Rock’ was however the main attraction. ‘Club Rock’ video can best be described as a dark nite club with a jungle theme featuring scantily clad women. The dancers oiled from top to bottom gyrate to Durella’s song showing more than ample cleavage and butt cracks. One dancer in particular used what can be described as a rope to cover her mammary assets.The climax (no pun intended) of the erotic video is the orgy scene featuring Durella with nude and semi-nude dancers. Director- Clarence Peters 

2. Rayce- Jack Sparrow

Rayce’s cool and sexy jam (written by Morell) is blessed with a video that captures the sensual emotion of the song. The video features what every lust driven music video should have, a guy and sexy video vixen who has no inhibition of showing skin. In the video we see Rayce and the vixen engaging in the needed art of foreplay and the main event itself. Everything is done in a tasteful manner but without losing the raw intensity of lust. Shout out to the vixen who looks like she doesn’t have an ounce of unnecessary flesh. Director- Aje Films

1. Pucado- Ukwu Nka

Pucado’s ‘Ukwu Nka’ is the most brazen attempt by a Nigerian music video director to display nudity. The video will leave you gobsmacked as naked women wearing masks twerk and lustfully gyrate. Breasts swing with no caution and ass cheeks ripple. Even Elton John will nod in full approval after watching this song. Once again Clarence Peters goes for the African theme. These video vixens show everything and if not for C. Peters’ lighting we would have seen everything. A documentary of the behind the scenes footage should be released. Director- Clarence Peters


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