12 tips for 365 nights of great sex

by Team iDiva


Most of you may think that marriage brings an end to all the hot sex! But, a little effort from the two of you can reignite the passion in the bedroom.

Take lovemaking to a whole new level by indulging in 365 nights of great sex in your marriage with these simple tips that are sure to rekindle the spark that first brought you two together.

Role play:

Role playing is one of the sexiest things you can do to make your sex session feel wild and fresh. Ask your lover what kind of costume would turn him on and wear it to bed to arouse him. You could start off with something small like Venetian or masquerade masks and move on to proper costumes.

Explore sex:

Even good things like sex can become boring if they turn into routine. To keep the magic alive, you have to find different ways to make your sex life interesting. Don’t be afraid to bring a twist into the bedroom by trying a new position or an unfamiliar move.

Book a hotel room:

If you were to hook up with a stranger, where would you take him? To a place that allows you privacy and no speculations, right? Hotel rooms are the perfect answer to ignite the passion in a marriage. Book a hotel room to spend an afternoon or night with your husband.

Explore your house:

If you’re married with children, sex is usually restricted to only your bedroom. The next time your kids are away, have sex in the kitchen, bathroom, on the couch or any place you fancy. Making love in a different surrounding can make your session a lot sexier.

Dress sexy:

In order to feel sexy, you’ve got to dress sexy. Now that can be tough if you’re living with the in-laws and kids. But still, make an effort with your appearance. Wear a nice top and jeans, or a stylish kurti, it’ll give you a happy boost. And sex it up with some pretty, lacy underwear. Give hubby a sneak peek when you get a moment alone, it’ll charge him up for later!

Dance to up your sex drive:

Don’t underestimate the power of dancing. Dress up in a flowy dress and don’t wear anything underneath. Body-dance with him, put his hands on your waist and let his hands feel your body while you dance. Things will heat up as soon as he realises you’re not wearing anything underneath.

Bondage sex:

Yeah, now we are suggesting that you go the 50 Shades of Grey way. You don’t need to get a red room of pain, but you sure can tie up his hands and blindfold him. Play the seductress and make him go weak in his knees; basically, do unspeakable things to him. Revenge has never been sweeter.


Putting up a show to please your man always ends up with great results. To spice up make up sex, tell him he deserves a little treat for being patient with you.  Tease him and strip bit by bit, till he can’t wait any longer to make love to you.

Missionary with a twist:

Add a little twist to the classic missionary position to make things passionate. Next time you’re under him, ask him to position himself on all fours. Once he’s taken that position, raise your pelvis to meet his package. Ask him to stay still and you can do all the moving according to the pace you want.

Learn to play:

Spice things up in the bedroom with toys. If you’re doing it for the first time, start with something small and not-so-intimidating, like a vibrator or how about smearing some edible cream on each other

Watch it:

Use visual stimulation. Not only does it help you relax, but helps you get in the mood for love faster. Watch a porn clip together. If that’s too much, even a high-on-mush, A-rated film will do (try Basic Instinct, Indecent Proposal)

Believe in foreplay:

Just talking dirty or wearing slinky negligee isn’t enough to make your man go weak in his knees. So scorch things up in the bedroom and tease your partner silly with these tips that guarantee an intense orgasm. Fire him up with red hot foreplay that will lead to some crazy and wild lovemaking.


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