14 things guys have really got to stop doing right now

by Alex Ries


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When i tell you i’m in a relationship, stop trying to get with me

A brave soul on Reddit recently decided to open the exciting can of worms that is a thread for the site’s female posters to explain exactly what they’d like “all men to stop doing, immediately, as of right now.” No punches were pulled; the replies were seriously amazing — even if many of the suggestions made were counteracted by folks complaining that “not ALL men” do [insert bad habit of your choice here] and/or that OMG some women do that too, so there. Which, I mean, well just scroll down to #20 on this list and, yeah, there you go.

Here, curated from the thread and its 15,000+ replies, is a selection of the bestest worstest things guys are doing and need to NOT DO ANYMORE, LIKE FROM NOW ON, RIGHT NOW:

1. Stop ignoring my clitoris

— wineandfingcheese.

2. Stop telling my to carry all your shit…get your own purse

— sashimi_taco. Additional thoughts from sashimi_taco, which is a great Reddit username, include “stop peeing on the back of the toilet.” Which is a key point; it’s the worst.

3. Sometimes i tell crude jokes. Stop telling me it’s not ladylike.

— phlegmma, who also offers a coping-with-this-bullshit strategy: “my most recent tactic is making eye contact with the uncomfortable party [in this situation] and saying ‘balls.'”

4. Stop laughing and calling me cute when i start getting angry and passionate about a subject i’m talking about.

— myrealgrandparents.

5. Stop cuttingme off when i speak

— spunkychunkofbutter.

6. Spitting

— denko-chan.

7. Stop using the term friendzoned.

— alazyrebellion. More on this KEY POINT: “If you have invested time and energy in a woman who has expressed a clear disinterest in you and you expect a romantic outcome you will always be disappointed. Move along, accept someone as a friend or don’t. Believe it or not most women don’t want to be pawed after by someone they aren’t attracted to.”

8. Stop leaving your socks on during sex.

— Marshmellowin. Also, see above re: personal hygiene.

9. Stop telling me that my experiences are invalid

— arwen443.

10. When i tell you i’m in a relationship, stop trying to get with me.

— misscannabliss.

11. Stop suggesting i get on birth control within a week of our first date

— qaboutp, who continues to note that, “YOU, sir, will certainly not be cumming in me with that attitude.” And “sir” is putting it politely.

12. Stop ignoring the sexist or demeaning comments that your friends make towards women.

— xsfoolishness. This is a particularly important one, because, as they note, “tolerating it makes it seem okay and you share that line of thinking.”

13. Stop asking if i came already

— zombie_butterfly. I mean, yeah, don’t do this.


Stop veiewing feminist as man haters

— Ragdoll_Proleteriat.


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