Name: Greg Ihenyen

Occupation: Architecture and visualization (

  1. Describe you in three words:

Smart, creative, outlier

  1. Favourite song?

‘This is your life’, by Switchfoot

  1. Favourite TV show of all time and why?

House – he’s crazy, intelligent, has women issues and shares my name

  1. Pringles! What’s your favourite flavour?

Don’t have one (Oops, I hope they aren’t one of your sponsors!)

  1. Hobbies…

Designing stuff, chatting and listening to audio books (the best way to use up commuter time in Lagos)

  1. Funniest/naughtiest thing you did as a kid?

There were too many, but let me give two:

I fell in love in primary two, and made a book load of drawings for my crush. I gave it to her, and she tossed my gift back at me. Needless to say she didn’t understand the message I was trying to pass across.

In primary school I was always getting whipped for drawing on my body and uniform. I used pencil, biro, chalk, crayon and anything lese that could write. Those days where fun!!

  1. Childhood ambition:

To be just like Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Best physical attribute:

I think it’s either my height or my smile

  1. Childhood nickname:

‘Giringory’. I hated it. Nearly strangled a guy who called me that in secondary school.

  1. The colour of your toothbrush?

White with a little blue and green…What’s the relevance here?

  1. Someone wrote a book about your life. What’s the title?

A Letter to God

  1. You’re on a deserted island. You can ask for only five things. They are?

Water, an iPod, my mobile phone, my best friend and a blanket

  1. Which shoe do you put on first?

The right one

  1. Ever had a poem or a song written about you?

But of course! I wrote it myself.

  1. Lagos or Abuja?

Lagos man! Abuja – been there, done that, too quiet!

  1. Suya or Kilishi?


  1. Do you wink with your left or right eye?

Left. For some reason my right doesn’t wink.

  1. If you could be born into history as a famous Nigerian who would you be?


  1. What makes you unique?

I believe in change and embrace it, I believe in life and face it; I am both a realist and a dreamer; there is no one like me.

  1. Favourite quote?

“If you cant fly, run; If you can’t run, walk; If you can’t walk, crawl; If you can’t crawl, roll; but whatever you do, keep moving” – Johnny Walker

  1. A random word that begins with Y is…



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