4 ways to get fired, quickly

by Maria Lloyd


Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how quickly you can rectify your mistake and ensure that it never happens again that will make you a strong employee.

It’s a lot harder to keep your job now than it was years ago. The days of a company keeping employees solely because they are making the company money are long gone. Nowadays if you are great at your job but horrible at treating your coworkers with respect, your employer will be able to quickly replace you with someone who is as sharp as you are and friendly enough to keep the peace at the workplace.

Below are four ways to lose your job in today’s workforce. It’s important to bring these things to light to keep you employed. If you are not willing to conform to your company’s values, the best way to do things your way in the workplace is to own your own business.


1) Put Your Goals Before The Company’s Goals. Everyone has their own goals and agendas in the workplace, but the company’s goals should be at the forefront of the decisions you make. Think of it this way: If you significantly contribute to helping the company reach its goal, your employer will have good reason to advance you. It’s a win-win situation.

2) Hiding Errors. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how quickly you can rectify your mistake and ensure that it never happens again that will make you a strong employee. Accountability speaks volumes about your character. Being upfront about your error and indicating the steps you’ve taken to fix the error and make sure it doesn’t happen again will take you a long way.

3) Mistreating Employees.  No matter how distinguished someone’s position is, it is always a good practice to treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated. Janitors, assistants, laborers, managers, directors, presidents, etc. should all be treated with the same level of respect. You can’t talk warm and friendly to the president of the company and turn around and treat the administrative assistant as if they’re an inconvenience to you.

4) Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands. It can be difficult to compromise your opinion about matters regarding work. Until you become an entrepreneur, you can’t take matters into your own hands following an agreement to take the company in a different direction. Once an agreement is made, it is expected to be executed in the matter that it was discussed. Don’t take it upon yourself to change the plan simply because you don’t like what was agreed upon.



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