5 benefits of breaking up with a girl

by Nick Roy


All the empowered women across the country have one battle cry, ‘we don’t need a man.’ We say, let’s flip it around this time. 

Whether it’s your long-term girlfriend or a woman you’ve just started dating, if you feel like calling it quits with your girl, then you ought to do it. Of course there are benefits of doing so as well. All the empowered women across the country have one battle cry, ‘we don’t need a man.’ We say, let’s flip it around this time. There are plenty of reasons for men to leave their girlfriends as well as these top five reasons will show you.

1. Eat where and what you want

Sample this. You ask your girlfriend where does she want to eat, and she replies saying she is cool with anywhere. When you go on to suggest places, she refuses each one of them citing the most lame reasons ever. Familiar much? Imagine when you break up, you can eat any god damn thing at any shady place on the face of this earth. Yes, praise the lord!

2. Save an awful lot of money

This is really a no-brainer. When you don’t have to go on dates all the time, and not buy presents for each other, your bank accounts starts to get a whole lot better. Now that you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on someone else, you can now spend it on the person you really want- yourself! In fact you can also start saving money, finally!

3. No spooning

Yes, when was the last time you had the bed all for yourself? Don’t remember. Rejoice for now you can spread your legs, spread your arms and take up every inch of the space the bed has because now it’s only you. There will be no face full of hair, dead arm or a strained back. There will be no one to put her cold feet on you or no one to sleep talk. It will be just you.

4. Hang out with your guy friends, finally!

Friends – remember those cool people with whom you spent time before you had a girlfriend. Then you got a girl and rarely saw them after. Well, now you can spend as much time with them as you want. You might not know it till you reconnect with them, but you have unknowingly missed them a lot, and so have they. So, get ready for some insanely crazy nights, beer laughs and drunken revelries.

5. Get another girl

People will immediately tell you after a break up how you can do so much better. And guess what, they are saying the truth. You need to realize that now is the time to go all out, meet interesting people, do awesome things and even score a girl who is ten times hotter than your previous girlfriend. All you need to do is have belief in yourself.


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