6 easy ways to look like a perfect guy

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No medical degree? No firefighting career? No problem! Impressing girls is a lot easier than you might think.


Here are six simple ways you can look like a dreamboat on a “dreambike” budget.

1. Get A Dog (Or Borrow One)

Girls love cute things so much that anything near a cute thing becomes cuter by proximity. Guys who play catch with their mutts look like major catches to girls. If you don’t have the time or responsibility level to adopt a dog, ask a friend if you can walk theirs or take it to the park.

2. Know About Wine

At least, know more about wine than how much Two Buck Chuck costs. You don’t have to be a sommelier (the guy in charge of wine at a restaurant) to make her go, “Ooh la la.” Know what kind of wine goes with fish (Chardonnay) and what kind of wine goes with goat cheese (Sauvignon blanc), and don’t mention the kind of wine that goes with nachos (boxed).

For a crash course on the subject, watch this wine-tastic episode of “Guy Code.”

3. Be A Gentleman For Once

Just because she likes to dance on tabletops and has a tongue ring doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat her like a lady. Offer her your jacket if she’s cold, or walk her to her car at the end of the night and score some major swoon points.

4. Be Good With Kids (Or Appear That Way)

It’s probably some evolutionary thing, but girls find guys 110% hotter when they’re good with kids. If you have nieces or nephews, post adorable pictures of you with them on Facebook and Instagram, and watch the “likes” add up.

5. Put Some Thought Into What Your Apartment Looks Like

When it comes to a guy’s home decorating and cleaning skills, most girls have the bar set low. They’ve likely encountered more than their fair share of mold-drizzled showers and windows with “towel curtains,” so stand out easily by busting out the Clorox and hanging a picture or two on the wall.

6. Make Her Feel Like The Perfect Girl

When all else fails, compliment her! Nothing makes a guy seem more perfect to a girl than understanding who she truly is. (A hot, hilarious, genius, that’s who.) An ounce of flattery is worth a pound of her forgetting that you sleep on a futon.


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